Thursday, December 31, 2009

Gel Kayano 16

Introducing the new Gel Kayano 16's from Asics. I just picked up these shoes that were special ordered for my from Asics. Thank you to Robin at Bioped for his great support and getting me into the best running shoes available and actually not even available yet to the general public. They've made some really cool changes to the 16's which I'm going to love when I'm putting in some of the longer miles.
I got hit this week with a little bit of a flu bug but I was able to get rid of it really fast which is good especially for me because it seems usually once I get sick it last forever!
Tonight for New Years we are heading over to a friends for supper. I don't know if we will even make it to midnight because we have a long day ahead of us tomorrow but it is a new decade so maybe I'll stay up past my bed time tonight. Then Saturday is the big day when the Torch comes to Sudbury. One of the cars in the relay is coming to my house early to pick me up and then I'm gone with the torch relay until I get to Winnipeg on January 6th.
There's also a picture from x-mas in London of me with my brother in law and his girlfriend.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas in London

I will be heading home tomorrow after a couple great days in London visiting with my in laws. We showed up on Wednesday night and surprised Lea's parents as they had no idea that we were coming. We all had a really nice Christmas together and went out for brunch on Christmas day at the Delta hotel for an incredible buffet. I even managed to get in a couple workouts while I was here at the YMCA.
Today we did a little bit of Boxing Day shopping, nothing to crazy though! Just a few little things! We stopped at a new triathlon specific store that they have in London. It's called MultiSport Zone. They have an unique idea of not only selling some really nice triathlon gear and bikes but have made it into a training center as well. They have lots of options from the endless pool to many computrainers. They also offer training programs, bike fits, athletic and massage therapy. Check them out at
I'm looking forward to getting home tomorrow as I have a big week of training coming up. This week I have a training camp for swimming. I'm going to hop on the bike tomorrow night and then I have my first of five 2hour swim Monday morning followed by a 100km skiing that I'm doing with a friend at the Naughton ski-a-thon.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Merry Christmas

The big day that all the kids wait for every year is almost here. Only 3 more sleeps as some little ones may say! Lea and I will be leaving tomorrow after work to head down to London for a few days over Christmas and it's going to be a surprise for Lea's parents.
Things have been busy around our house as usual but especially with the time of year. We've been trying to get to see everyone at one point to wish them happy holidays. Saturday we had my sister over for supper, Sunday was the swim club party, last night we stopped in to see Jesse then spent the evening at Jack and Amanda's house. Tonight we're going out for supper with some more friends.
Yesterday I did my first cross country ski of the year and I'm going out again today. It's really good cross training and it takes some of the pressure off of the joins from the running. I'm going to try and get out a lot more this year than I have in past years.
I was approached yesterday by Science North asking if I would be interested in doing some testing in the new year. They want to use the results from my testing as an example for when other people or kids go in and try the test as a comparison. I felt pretty honored that they would choose me for this. I guess this just means that I'm going to have to be in tip top shape for January! Does that mean I'm only going to be able to eat 3 plates at turkey dinner?!?
We started redoing one of the bedrooms in the house. There was wood paneling on one of the walls that I took down and replacing. I'm also painting the room and putting in a closet door.
Well I wish everyone a safe and Merry Christmas and I will try and post some time after the big day and let everyone know how London is going and how stuffed I am.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

New Car...almost

On Monday Lea and I and my sister headed over to North Bay for the day to pick up my car. They did a good job fixing it and with all the new parts it looks almost new. We also went over to my aunt and uncles for a really nice supper with everyone!
It's an exciting time right now with Christmas coming soon and tonight is our Christmas get together with our good friend Sig.
I should also find out this week or next if I win the Community Award of Excellence which will be very exciting!!
Today is our first big snow fall of the year so it looks like it will for sure be a white Christmas which is always nice.
I have some really, really, really big news but I've had to promise not to say anything just yet so everyone is going to have to wait until the new year....sorry:(

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Long overdue pictures!

As promised here are a couple pictures from the last little while...The one of me dressed up is from a gala I went to a little while back and same with the one of Lea and I on the side. One picture is from Lea's birthday party and she is being closely observed as she opens one of her presents. Maybe she will share....
The other two are of a future star...Spencer who was with me on the weekend during my accident. The pictures are from a triathlon he did at the end of the summer. He's a great athlete and an even better kid!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Rough Weekend!

This weekend I went to North Bay to coach a swim meet on Saturday and Sunday. I had a really good time staying at my aunt and uncles house Saturday night with Spencer. Sunday after the meet Spencer and I went up to the cottage to check on a few things and I had to empty out the fridge and freezer. While we were up there is started to snow quite hard! So on the way back I slowed down because the roads were snow covered. We had just crossed back into Ontario and were about 30minutes from North Bay when a car came up from behind me very fast and passed me. As he was coming back into the lane he came in too soon and I had to use my brake so that we wouldn't hit. As I braked I lost control of the car and did a couple 360's before going off the road backwards down a side of a hill. It was very scary but somehow neither of us were hurt. As we climbed out of the car and got back up to the road we noticed the other car was nowhere to be seen! To make things worse there is no cell phone service on that stretch of the highway. I waved down a car that drove us back to the gas station in Eldee. I asked the guy if there was a towing company in the area and he said there was only one guy who worked for himself. So I called him and he said he would leave right away and that he only lived 5minutes away. Over 2 hours later he shows up...I reported it to the police as well and they showed up as well. After my car was pulled out of the ditch the tow truck guy said the car was "drivable" as soon as I changed one of the tire and put my spare tire on. Not too sure what made him think it was drivable but after $140 charge for 5minutes work to pull me out I didn't want to know how much it would charge to have him bring it to North Bay. We made it to North Bay though alright and we stayed at my aunt and uncles again. I owe both of them BIG time for everything!! The next morning I brought it over to the dealership and after finding out I need two new rims, two new tires, two new bumpers, an alignment and they still haven't looked under the car I decided I had to go through insurance. So after the $140 tow or should I say "pull out of the ditch" and the $500 deductible it turned out to be a not so good ending to the weekend.

On a more positive note it was Lea's Birthday last week and we had a nice party at the YMCA with a bunch of friends. We went swimming and then had food and cake. I got some good pictures of the party that I'll have to upload soon.

Not too much else is new...I did another school presentation last week which was a lot of fun! My new shoes and orthotics are on order from Robin at BioPed that I should be getting any day now. Robin and his team over at BioPed are great and they've helped me out a lot with shoes and orthotics which has saved me bit time!! Other than that training is going good...I'm really focusing on swimming right now and have been swimming fast and I have a few goals for some big swim meets after Christmas. I'm still running and biking though but it's just been a lot of base work. My aunt and uncle who I stayed with in North Bay this weekend are going to Florida for the winter and have invited me down to do some training in the nice weather. I'm going to try and take them up on it this year and try and get in about 10 days of some really good training.

Christmas is coming soon and I just want to remind everyone after my accident this weekend to be extra carful while travelling over the Christmas time and just be aware of the other drivers on the road as well because it could of been a lot worse on Sunday!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

New Construction

This is a picture from where I grew up of the new house that is being built from the people who bought our place. I have a lot of really good memories from growing up there from skating on the ice, fishing, making forts in the bush...the fun was endless. I'm fortunate that our old neighbour and one of our best friends still lives there and I can go out to visit when I get a chance.
Training has been going really good lately! I've been swimming probably the fastest I've been in a very long time. Today my main set was:
10x100 @1:20 holding 1:09-1:10
5x200 @2:40 1-2:19
On Sunday I had a big work out as well...I did an hour run +stairs in the morning. Then later I did an hour and a half hard swim and had my bike set up on pool deck and did an hour on the bike. It feels good to get back into the hard training after a little bit of down time and some lighter training.
I have to say a Big Thank You to Josee who is the owner of Gagnon Opticians and a very good friend for my new glasses! They look really good and even though I have pretty good vision I still find they make a big difference especially at the end of the day when I'm tired and I have trouble to focus.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Early Christmas

Friday was almost like an early Christmas for me. First I received a big package from RBC with all my Olympic clothing with shirts, sweaters, vest and a really nice winter coat! Next was my new racing bathing suit from from Omni Swim that arrived a little later in the day. It's a speedo FSPro. I had to get a new racing suit because of all the new rules to the suits. It kind of sucks when you have all these suits worth a lot of money sitting in your closet that are no good anymore. Last but no least Lea had ordered me a book back in August when I crashed so kind of inspire me and all that but it was on back order and it didn't come in until Friday. It still looks like a good book and even though I'm not a huge fan of reading I'm sure I can find some time for this one...there are pictures so that always helps:)

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Here is a picture that I was just sent from the photo shoot I did while I was in Toronto for the RBC Olympians Conference. We just finalized everything today for their website so my profile should be up in the next little while on the RBC website.
I received some exciting news yesterday that I've been nominated for the Community Builders Award Of Excellence in the category of Sports and Recreation. The description of the award is: The award goes to the individual or group that has contributed to the strength of sport in Sudbury. They have inspired people (a coach), established a program (a league or playground), mentored a team or an individual to extraordinary accomplishment, or set an example for many to carry in their hearts.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

So many little time...

Things have been a little crazy around the Green house as of late. We have a swimmer from the Sault who is going to be staying with us for a while. We've been trying to get things figured out with him as far as getting him into school and such.
Lea's uncle passed away last week after a short battle with cancer. Lea just got back last night from London where the funeral was.
This past weekend my sister and I and Josh the guy who's staying with Lea and I went up to my cottage for the weekend. It was a beautiful weekend with all the fall colors and we had a really good time and even caught some fish.
I've also been busy with work and my training has kind of taken a back seat for the past couple of weeks. Although it's a big frustrating for me it's also a good thing because it gives me kind of a break after the season before I start training for next year. I've been swimming though almost everyday and I'm starting to swim pretty fast again so I know my fitness is still there. I have a swim meet this weekend here in town but I'm only swimming one race.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sault Article

Check out this link from my trip to the Sault this week to do a presentation.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

RBC Olympic Training Week

I got back last night after four days at the RBC Olympic Program Training Camp. It was a great experience all around. There was about 30 athletes there who are all past, present and future Olympians. I got to meet some very interested people from all over Canada and from all different sports. It was a lot of fun and they really treated us well! Yesterday we had a photo and video shoot and I got to hold the Olympic torch. They had a make up artist there and unfortunately even the guys HAD to have their make up done...that was an experience in itself!
I was told about a few of the cool events that I'm going to get to do over the next couple months. I get to go to the World Under 17 Hockey Championships and I get to spend 6 days on the torch relay as you goes through all of North Eastern and Western Ontario and right to Winnipeg. It's sure to be and excited time and some experiences I'll never forget.
I'll get some pictures up from the photo shoot as soon as I get them!
Tonight Lea and I are going to the Northeastern Ontario RBC Gala at the Holiday Inn. I have to give a speech to about 300 RBC Employees which will make for an interesting evening.
Unfortunately this week I've been feeling a bit full cold or anything but just something lingering around so I've tried to rest this week and my training has been pretty limited but I'm sure my body needed the break.
This Thursday and Friday I'm in the Sault for a torch relay school presentation. They have a bunch of activities planned so it's sure to be a lot of fun.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Feels Good

Today was my first "real" swim since my shoulder injury. I did a full 1.5 hour swim practice with the team. Up until now the most I had done was about 45 minutes and all on my own. I didn't want to push it to hard to early so I'm glad I wait but it's good to be back.
Warm up was 1500m with a mix of swim, kick. Next we did
400Fr + 300Bk
400Fr + 200Br
400Fr + 100Fly
10x100Fr holding 1:07's
I have to put in a few hours at work now and then I'm going to a run before I coach tonight. The days are starting to get shorter and not as warm so I'm trying to get as much riding in outside while I still can. So tomorrow morning I'm going to do a bike workout in the morning then drop Lea off at work and head out to Skead and help Sig work on his pump house for his water.
I'm getting excited about going to Toronto all next week for my training for the RBC Olympian Program. I'm sure I'm going to get to do lots of exciting things and meet a bunch of past, present and future Olympians.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Career Change?

So Lea and I decided to plant some vegetables this summer and here's a few of them we took out of the garden yesterday. I don't think we did to bad for our first go at farming. Maybe next year I'll have to go into production....ok maybe not but I can't wait to eat our goodies!

Saturday, September 19, 2009


Things in London have been going good. Unfortunately we have to go home tomorrow but not before some training in the morning. I had a good swim yesterday at the London Canada Games Centre...I think I have a love hate relationship with that pool. I've raced in it many times. I don't think I can remember one time though where I actually had a good race but it's such a nice pool to swim in and enjoy training in it whenever I come here.
Lea's appointment went good on Friday. The doctor said that it is healing very nicely and she would be back to 100% within another month or two.
Yesterday I got my suit for the RBC Gala that's coming up. I look really sharp and am looking forward to the evening.
Spencer raced today in Lakeside. He had a really good race against some of the best kids in Ontario. He was 3rd out of the water, 2nd after the bike and finished around 5th.
Since I've been here I had a good swim yesterday morning and then a run in the afternoon. Today I got in a good 2 hour bike after we got back from the race. Tomorrow I'm going to do a bike with track workout off the bike which should be interesting. There a track at one of the high schools close by so I'll run to it after the bike and do my workout there.
This week will probably go by pretty fast and then it's off to Toronto for a week of training for the RBC Olympians Program.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Post Muskoka 70.3

So I never did write a race report for my race on the weekend...I think mostly because I went there with the intention and focus on qualifying for Worlds which I did but after talking it over ended up giving up my spot as it was just too much money right now.
The went pretty good though for the most part. The thing I'm most happy about is my shoulder! It held up even better than I could of hoped which means it was a successful recovery and as of right now I can barely feel it anymore. On the bike I went to take a drink around 10km's into the 94km's and my one and only bottle slipped out of my hand. I kept going for a second thinking I could get away without it and just get some water from the aid stations but then woke up and went back and got it. So that ended up costing me a couple of minutes for sure. The only other thing was my quads started cramping about 2km into the run which made for a long painful run. I think it's just because of the inconsistent training over the past month and a half with close to two weeks off from being sick at the end of July and then well over a week after I crashed.
I feel like I'm in a good spot though now being healthy and being almost fully recovered from my should injury so I will use that in my next block of training. I don't know what's next in terms of races this fall...there will probably be a couple 5km running races and I'll see how my swimming goes over the next couple of week as I'm thinking about entering into a 1500m in a swim meet at the end of October if I think I'm ready to challenge my PB.
Today Lea and I are leaving to go to London for the weekend. Lea has an appointment with the Dr. regarding her ankle. We are also bringing Spencer, one of the boys I coach so that he can race in a kids triathlon on Saturday just a couple minutes outside of London.
I think that's about all for now that's new, I will try and post something while I'm in London as to how things are going. I usually have some pretty good training there so I'm looking forward to it.

Friday, September 11, 2009

This is it!

It's finally here...we are leaving in a couple hours for my race on Sunday. I haven't been keep my blog very up to date as of late as I've just been so busy with everything. Here is a picture of me last night on the street in front of my house trying out my new wheels. Thank you Token! I'm really excited to race this weekend...I think my shoulder is going to hold up and I've set some goals for myself for the race. I post when I get home Sunday night with how I did and hopefully it will be some good news!

Monday, August 31, 2009

Getting Better!

So my shoulder has been getting better and better each day and I'm able to do more and more each day. I've started swimming again which is great news. Each time I increase the amount that I do by a little bit. I haven't tried swimming hard yet and I think that will just come with time when I feel like I'm ready to start pushing it again in the water without hurting myself. Now that I know I can swim next weekend at the race it won't be a matter of can I get through the swim but being surrounded by my competitors and not letting that get the best of me at the start in the swim. I know I'm going to have to hold much though, that I don't know yet. I've been doing a lot of biking though over the past weekend and a half and I've had Brent to push the hell out of me so it's been great. I'm really looking forward to racing next weekend and seeing what I can do on the bike and run.
Lea's parents were here just for the night on Friday on their way up north to visit their relatives. We had a great supper with them and Molly and Sig came over. We celebrated Lea's mom's birthday with my favorite...a strawberry frozen yogurt cake. Not too much else is new...I'm working quite a bit over the next two weeks so I will really have to find time to get my training in before the race. We are just waiting to hear back this week if Lea got this new job that she applied for. Today I did a long run while I was waiting for my car to be done at the dealers as it went in for it's semi annual today. I just got back from the lake where I did a little swim and now I'm biking into town to meet up with Lea and then going out for dinner.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My mind is made up!

I'm going to race Muskoka 70.3! I decided today on my way into work that I'm going to be stubborn and no matter what even if it means swimming one arm I'm going to race on September 13. The doctor told me yesterday to go ahead and try swimming a little bit so today I got in the pool and I could definitely feel it but I must admit it was a little bit better than I expected. As I was getting changed I could see myself not getting across the pool and getting out really pissed but I managed to swim 400m non stop and then got out. I proved to myself that I can do it and I will take that and build on it.
My biking and running has started to come back though and I went out for a 2 hour bike ride on Saturday with Pro triathlete Brent Poulsen who is in town for a few days. We had a good ride minus my flat tire down Long Lake.
Sunday was the day I was supposed to race in Kelowna BC at Nationals so I decided to get my racing fix anyways and race in the Beaton Classic with my sister. We decided or should I say my shoulder decided that she would do the swim and canoe and I would do the bike and run. The swim was first and Molly came out of the water first with a really good swim. On the bike my legs were feeling it from my ride the day before after not training for over a week but I was still able to have the fastest bike split over a couple of strong cyclist from the cycling club who were on other teams. Also to make it even more interesting was that there was a huge black bear in the middle of the road on my second bike lap! Molly had just over a minute lead heading out into the canoe but there was a strong cross wind and paddling is not something she does everyday. Actually probably the last time she did was at last years Beaton. She did good though but the second place team had a really strong paddler and there runner had at least a 5 minute lead heading out onto the run. I ran hard but it's a hilly course and each hill just hit me like a ton of bricks and felt like I was coming to a dead stop. As I got to the top though and started going down hill or on a straight I felt really good which seemed wired. Usually when you feel like that on the hills the rest isn't all that much better. At the turn around I could tell I had made up some good time but there was still a couple minutes lead between me and the lead runner. I pushed hard the second 2.5km and it wasn't until the last km that I could start to see her up ahead. I decided that I had to go for it and I finally passed the leader with about 40m to go before the finish. It was great to be pushed like that and me and my sister had another great day racing and it felt good to get that in.
It will be a big bike and run focus from now until Muskoka so that no matter how the swim goes I'm able to hammer the rest of it. The swimming will come along and I know I wont have the fastest overall swim split this year by 2 minutes but I will have a smile on my face race morning just because I'm there.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Northern Life Article

Here is a link to an article in the Northern Life about the kids that I coach and how good they did this past weekend!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


It's been a week now since my crash and I'm on the road to recovery. I'm trying to stay positive about everything with everyone around me racing it's hard because you want to be out there with them. I'm waiting for the results from the tests on my shoulder to find out exactly what tears we're dealing with. For now I've started my own rehab on it and things are going alright i guess. I did a 45minute bike on the trainer yesterday and a 10minute run with Lea. The bike was done with one arm and the run was painful. I've also been in the pool twice now doing some arm movements and exercises. My goal right now is to just be able to be on the start line for Muskoka 70.3 on September 13 and have my shoulder feeling good enough to get through the race. I know my swimming will be really affected but if I'm even able to swim at that point I'll take it and if I can suck it up for the rest of the race and just get my spot for Clearwater I'll be happy and then I'll deal with things from there.

Friday, August 14, 2009

A little/big set back

Tuesday night I was at cycling practice and we were onto our second set of sprints and I was actually starting to feel good and I said to myself that it was a good confidence builder after being sick leading into Nationals. Then next thing I know the guy in front of me is going down and there was nothing I could do. I went right over top of him and landed on my head and shoulder. I laid there in shock and pain until the ambulance got there and took me to the hospital. Nothing is broken but there is a lot damage to my shoulder and I still have no movement in it. It's still very painful and I'm sure it will take another week or so to really determine how long this will affect me for. I've cancelled my trip to Nationals next week as there is really no way I can compete let a lone get through one stroke on the swim. My new helmet that is only about a month old got cracked in 3 places when I hit the ground. I guess that's what happens when you crash at around 55km/h. My next race after Nationals was Muskoka 70.3 so we will see if I am ready to race or even just go out and finish.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Getting Sick Sucks!

I'm finally starting to feel better and get back to some training after close to two weeks of almost no training. After the race in Bala I had some good workouts on Monday and then woke up Tuesday morning really sick. I tried everything to get ride of it but nothing seemed to work. It suck all the energy out of me and I decided that if I was going to get better I couldn't try and "train" until I was feeling better. Unfortunately it lasted much longer than I wanted and with less than two weeks left until Nationals I'm worried the damage might be done and only time will tell if I can get back to where I was before I got sick. I started training again on Friday and decided not to race this past weekend but yesterday I went over to the lake and did two of my own mini tri's back to back. 2x 500m swim, 10km bike, 1.5km run I felt pretty good but I was still coughing up parts of a lung from time to time.
Last weekend we went up to the cottage and had a great time! We had some not so bad weather for a change and were able to get outside and get lots done. We cut a couple tree's down, sauna, swimming, tubing, fires and just a great time with some great people.
This weekend we are going to Sundridge for a Triathlon. The main reason for going is because they have a kids race there and I'm taking a couple of the kids I coach. The kids race in the afternoon and they have an adults race in the morning that I'll be doing. We have a site at a campground booked and will be spending Saturday night in the tent as long as the weather holds up.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Bala Triathlon

This weekend I went to the Bala Triathlon. We left Saturday afternoon and were staying at a hotel in Gravenhurst. The hotel was really nice and there was only one other person staying there so it was nice and quiet. They even made the continental breakfast earlier so that I could eat there before I had to leave in the morning to get to Bala. Saturday night we ate at the Rib Fest in Gravenhurst. It was perfect because we couldn't find a restaurant to eat at in Gravenhurst then we come across the Rib Fest and of course I love to eat ribs before a race so it was meant to be. It started to rain though and it didn't stop the whole night...I went to bed just hoping that it would stop by morning.
Sunday morning it had stopped raining and looked like it was going to hold off for the race. A bunch of top guys ended up showing up and I knew it was going to be a good race. I did a little swim warm up and then we were off. I felt good in the swim and pulled away right away. I came out of the water with a bit of a lead but transition was a MESS! It was in a grassy field and the puddles from the rain were halfway up your shins. I had a bad transition and struggled with my wetsuit. Running out of transition you had to run through a pile of mud and as I get on my bike I look down and my whole leg is covered in mud and dirt! There goes my nice white bike It was an out and back bike course and I pushed hard on the way out because I knew the guys would be coming hard behind me. I was really surprised that there was no lead car or officials on the road for the traffic and to watch for drafting. So sure enough I do the turn around and what do I see but a train of 5-7 guys that sure looked liked they were drafting to me. I kept pushing hard and figured if they are going to cheat there's nothing I can do about it. Back into transition I was still ahead of them and after rolling around in the mud in transition again I was out onto the run course. It was a crazy hilly run course...probably one of the more hilly ones I've ever done. One of the guys caught me about half way through the run and I finished in second. I was a little upset though as again there was no officials on the run course at the corners telling people where to go. It just seemed like it was a poorly organized race and the rules and safety weren't enforced very well.
Overall it was a pretty good race and it's back to the grind now. I've already got three workouts in today with one more to go. I did a run with a client this morning, had a nap, went out for another run, drove Lea to work and went to the pool where I did 15x100 @1:20 holding under 1:10 for a main set. I feel great today after racing yesterday and am right back into the training.
Lea leaves tomorrow for London for a follow up on her surgery with the doctor and then her parents are bringing her back on Thursday. This weekend we are going up to the cottage for a much needed cottage break! It will be great to get away for a couple days and see everyone up there as it will be our first real trip up there this summer.

Friday, July 24, 2009

A few recent pics

Things have been going great lately....last weekend I ran a 10km and was leading it for about 9.95km's until I got out sprinted in the last couple metres. About two hours later was the Island Swim. I felt good in the 1.6km swim and came out a couple of minutes a head of the next person. This week I've some more good training and even though my legs are a little tired I'm ready to do battle this weekend in the Balla Triathlon on Sunday. Today I got a few goodies in the mail. One was a couple of new bike shorts from Blue. Lea thinks it's kind of funny that they are a size XS....the other package had my ITU draft legal bars for my road bike from Profile Design. I put them on the bike right away and went for a ride and they are pretty sweet. Other than that things have been going along pretty regularly at work and home.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

What a week!

This week has seemed to just fly by. I had a couple great days of training in London and Lea's surgery went good and it's now just waiting for it to heal. I got some great riding while I was in London and 4-5 hours each day of training. I came home Wednesday by myself as I had to coach Wednesday night and then work Thursday and Friday. Thursday I went for a run and the last part of run brought me down the Kingsway and I don't know why just I could really tell all the pollution from the cars, trucks and buses. It hit me pretty hard and with all the talk these days about being Eco friendly and driving cars that don't produce all those fums I could really see why.
Yesterday was really busy with work, I got a good swim in and I pretty much had to time trial it home on the bike yesterday afternoon to get a pair of shorts to go running with a client. So after getting back I did my run and then it was off to coaching before finally heading home for the night. Last night was a lot of fun with Lea and her parents getting here. Sig also came over and we had a really nice supper and after supper the boys did some work on the new shed installing some of the electrical.
Today was the most exciting though...I went to work this morning and while driving down Lasalle I see this big line outside of Henry's but I keep going and go to my next event to do my cut in. So then I'm heading back up Lasalle and something tells me maybe I should stop and just see what was going on, I thought maybe it was a big sale. So I walk in and one of the employee's is standing there with all these envelopes and she tells me that inside each envelope is a gift certificate from $10-$500. There must of been at least a hundred envelopes that I had to pick from so I choose one and it says $500! I didn't know if I was looking at it right so I go back over to her and she's OMG you won the only $500 gift certificate that we are giving away. I couldn't believe it! Right away she goes to get the manager to help me and I got a Canon Rebel! It's a really nice camera and it's going to be great for getting some cool action shots.
So some local racing tomorrow and some more training. Some more work on the shed and then back to work on Monday.

Sunday, July 12, 2009


I guess it's been awhile since my last post and there's been quite a few things happening over the past couple weeks.
We managed to get the garage taken down last Saturday and then the new shed built on Sunday. I didn't know if it was all going to get done in the two days but everyone worked really hard and we got it done! A big thank you to Sig and Jack for their help...without them there would of been no way. It's definitely changed the whole property now that the garage it gone. It's going to get some getting used to but it was for sure worth it.
This week we had the truck inside the New Sudbury Centre on display and 105.3 EZ Rock was broadcasting live. We had some prizes and it was a great day getting to meet everyone. A big thank you to Brenda at the NSC for all of her hard work and Erin and the whole crew at EZ Rock.
Right now I'm in London for Lea's surgery on her ankle that's on Tuesday. I had a great day of training today and it's funny because anytime I go somewhere knew it just seems to be so much more exciting. Every time I travel somewhere and go out biking its so much fun getting to see everything. This morning I got up early and was on my bike by 7am for 2.5 hour ride and about 100km's. My ride took me into some beautiful area's outside of London. After my ride I had some breakfast and Lea and I headed out to a local fruit and veggie farmer to get some fresh fruits and vegetables. After that we headed over to London's huge festival called Sun Fest. There must of been hundreds of vender's from all over there with music and tons of food. We found a couple neat little things that we picked up for a few people. This afternoon I went to the London Aquatic Centre for a swim. I had a good swim with a lane to myself until the last 5minutes when two old ladies decided that my lane was the lane for them except that all the other lanes only had one other person in them to...I just don't understand some people. A good steak dinner tonight and just some relaxing the rest of the night.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Happy Canada Day

Tomorrow is Canada Day and I can't believe July is already here. With things being so busy time just seems to fly by....
This past weekend started off with a Yard Sale at our house. We got rid of most of the bigger stuff that we didn't want to have to bring back into the house and the little things that are left over Lea is bringing over to her friends house this Saturday and putting it in her yard sale. After that we headed over to one of the house of one of the parents on the swim team who lives on the lake for an end of the year party. We had a lot of fun and I got to go tubing for the first time in a while but while I was doing it I realized it probably wasn't the best idea the day before I had to race and it's true as my arms and shoulders were pretty sore the next day. After that we headed over to North Bay to stay with my uncle and aunt for the night.
Sunday morning I headed over to the race site nice and early as it's a small transition and it fills up fast. There was already a ton of people there and I didn't get the best position for my bike but then again it wasn't the worst. I went for a little run to get warmed up and then got my wetsuit on and heading down to the lake. The way the swim is the sun is right in your eye and while I was warming up I couldn't see the first marker at all. I felt alright in the warm up just a bit sore from the tubing. The gun went off and right away Len and I took off and he jumped on my feet. By this point the sun had gone up enough that I could see and I got into a good pace. I went around the first marker and he was still just hanging on my feet so I decided to slow down and let him lead so I wasn't doing all the work. So I slow down and he doesn't move...I slow down again and he doesn't this point I'm at like a cool down pace after a hard practice so I turn over on my back and start doing back stroke....still wouldn't go around me. The rest of the swim went like this and right before the shore I sprinted in to get a few meters lead going into transition. Out onto the bike I could tell right away that my legs just weren't fresh at all and when Len went by me I had nothing to respond. I decided to just keep going and keep hard pace and just get ready for the run since after two races having horrible runs I wanted that one to be better. Getting back to transition Len had a couple minute lead but right out of transition my legs felt like they were turning over good. I felt much better than I had in the first couple km's but still not quite there. At the turn around though I pushed it a little more and really started to think about my technique and it seemed to work as I negative split the run and over I was with that part of the race.
Tomorrow I'm at Science North all day with the radio station and then I'm going to be running a 5km road race in Lively in the evening. This weekend is the big tear down of the garage and the building of the new one and it's sure to keep us busy and working hard all weekend.
Training has been going good...yesterday I did a easy 30minute spin on the trainer, swim at LU with 10x100 @1:20 holding under 1:10 and then a 8km run with a few pick ups. Today was a swim at the Y with 8x200 and then tonight it's cycling practice which always is a killer.

Thursday, June 25, 2009


So I haven't posted since my ITU race because since I've been back it seems like there is a never ending list of things that need to be done. The race went pretty good though. The swim start was pretty brutal with people on top of other people and a big group of guys got out to the front and I had to play catch up once I found some open water. I came out on the first lap with four guys still in front of me and I picked another couple off right away on the second lap and then with the leader right in front of me I just settled in and stayed there for the rest of the swim. It was good to know that I was able to make up so much ground on them and if I had a clean start of been way out in front. I had a really good transition and got on my bike in the same place as I came out of the water. On the bike we were a group of about a dozen for the first couple laps until one of the chase groups caught up to us. It was my first race ever drafting so I really wanted to pay attention and learn how things worked. I was really happy though with my bike as I stayed right with the lead group the whole bike. Onto the run though I just wasn't feeling it again for the second weekend. I don't know what's going on there as I had a great run in London just two days before and then Sunday after the race I went for a little 5km easy run and I'm sure I was running twice as fast as I was the day before. There were lots of positives though that I was able to take away from the race and overall I was happy.
I just picked up my new Kayano 15's and new orthotics from Bioped. My orthotics are a new technology and I'm kind of testing them out for BioPed and so far I really like them. The support I get from them is really amazing and just after two days of wearing them I can feel a difference in how my legs feel.
On Saturday this weekend we are having a Yard Sale at our house to try and get ride of all our old stuff. Once we have that it will be time to start taking down the garage and building our new shed.
Sunday I'll be in North Bay for a triathlon and a little visit with friends and family there. Last night we headed out to Skead for a swim and a BBQ with Sig. It was so nice to jump in the lake after such a hot day. I did a run yesterday right in the middle of the day and I'm pretty sure the last two km's were done in total survival mode.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Race Day

Race day is here for the ITU Pan American Cup in Couteau-du-lac, Quebec. Yesterday I rode the bike course and it's six laps of 6.6km. It's pretty flat but has a couple of corners that are probably going to be interested if we get in a big pack. The run is four laps of 2.5km, again pretty flat out and back. The swim is in an in closed area off the big river with two laps of 750m. There's a couple of fast swimmers in the group so the plan is just to stick with them, have a clean transition and make sure I'm in that lead pack on the bike. Now I'm just going to pack my bag and finish getting ready then it will be time to head over to the race site.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

In London

Monday night Lea and I had a few tri people over at our house for a Pot Luck after an open water swim. It was a lot of fun and the food was really good.
Tuesday morning I had an appointment with one of my sponsors Robin at BioPed foot care for some new orthotics and shoes. We decided to try a new orthotic that is kind of a new technique when it comes to making orthotics. Robin is really excited about finding out how I like them. I'm also looking forward to my new Asics Kayano 15's that should be in soon.
After that it was time to do a quick pack and get in a 45minute bike before the trip to London. We got into London kind of late Tuesday night around 10:30 since we left after work and made a couple stops. This morning I went for a swim at the London Aquatics Center and their debit machine wasn't working so I got to swim for free! After my swim I had to hurry and eat a power bar and a bowl of cereal and it was off to Lea's appointment. She had her appointment today at the Fowler Kennedy Sport Medicine Clinic for her ankle. After two and a half years of trying different things to fix it we were really hoping to get some good news. The doc looked at everything and after seeing how many things it prevents her from doing and how long this have been going on he agreed to do the surgery. So then we figured it would be a long wait and it turns out we were wrong and she is coming back to London to have it done on July 14th!! I'm really happy for her because after this she will not only be able to do the simple little things but also everything else that she wants to do.
After that it was a quick lunch at Cora's and then some running around in the afternoon. Tonight we had some steak on the BBQ from Costco and it was really good! I'm going for a run in a little bit once I've digested some of my food. I also got a new pair of Zoot racing flats that I may try out tonight and if everything goes good I'm probably going to race in them this weekend. The big race is coming quick and tomorrow we leave tomorrow for Quebec. It's going to be another 7 hour drive that I'm not really looking forward to...we found a really cheat hotel though for $65/night so I can't really complain about that! Saturday I race at 3:30pm so hopefully I'll get another post up before the race about how I'm feeling.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Muskoka Sprint

This is going to be a really fast race report and I'll give a better one after I get back from the ITU race this weekend.
The swim and the bike went really good but I had some major problems as soon as I got on the run. Hopefully it they wont happen again this weekend and I'll have a better finish to my race.
Here's a couple of pictures from the weekend.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A little story to think about

At a fund raising dinner for a school that serves children with learning disabilities, the father of one of the students delivered a speech that would never be forgotten by all who attended. After extolling the school and its dedicated staff, he offered a question:'
When not interfered with by outside influences, everything nature does, is done with perfection.
Yet my son, Shay, cannot learn things as other children do. He cannot understand things as other children do.
Where is the natural order of things in my son?
The audience was stilled by the query.
The father continued. 'I believe that when a child like Shay, who was mentally and physically disabled comes into the world, an opportunity to realize true human nature presents itself, and it comes in the way other people treat that child.
Then he told the following story:
Shay and I had walked past a park where some boys Shay knew were playing baseball. Shay asked, 'Do you think they'll let me play?' I knew that most of the boys would not want someone like Shay on their team, but as a father I also understood that if my son were allowed to play, it would give him a much-needed sense of belonging and some confidence to be accepted by others in spite of his handicaps.
I approached one of the boys on the field and asked (not expecting much) if Shay could play. The boy looked around for guidance and said, 'We're losing by six runs and the game is in the eighth inning. I guess he can be on our team and we'll try to put him in to bat in the ninth inning.
'Shay struggled over to the team's bench and, with a broad smile, put on a team shirt. I watched with a small tear in my eye and warmth in my heart. The boys saw my joy at my son being accepted.
In the bottom of the eighth inning, Shay's team scored a few runs but was still behind by three.
In the top of the ninth inning, Shay put on a glove and played in the right field. Even though no hits came his way, he was obviously ecstatic just to be in the game and on the field, grinning from ear to ear as I waved to him from the stands.
In the bottom of the ninth inning, Shay's team scored again.
Now, with two outs and the bases loaded, the potential winning run was on base and Shay was scheduled to be next at bat.
At this juncture, do they let Shay bat and give away their chance to win the game?
Surprisingly, Shay was given the bat. Everyone knew that a hit was all but impossible because Shay didn't even know how to hold the bat properly, much less connect with the ball.
However, as Shay stepped up to theplate, the pitcher, recognizing that the other team was putting winning aside for this moment in Shay's life, moved in a few steps to lob the ball in softly so Shay could at least make contact.
The first pitch came and Shay swung clumsily and missed.
The pitcher again took a few steps forward to toss the ball softly towards Shay.
As the pitch came in, Shay swung at the ball and hit a slow ground ball right back to the pitcher.
The game would now be over..The pitcher picked up the soft grounder and could have easily thrown the ball to the first baseman.
Shay would have been out and that would have been the end of the game.Instead, the pitcher threw the ball right over the first baseman's head, out of reach of all team mates.
Everyone from the stands and both teams started yelling, 'Shay, run to first! Run to first!'
Never in his life had Shay ever run that far, but he made it to first base.
He scampered down the baseline, wide-eyed and startled.
Everyone yelled, 'Run to second, run to second!'
Catching his breath, Shay awkwardly ran towards second, gleaming and struggling to make it to the base.
By the time Shay rounded towards second base, the right fielder had the ball . The smallest guy on their team who now had his first chance to be the hero for his team.
He could have thrown the ball to the second-baseman for the tag, but he understood the pitcher's intentions so he, too, intentionally threw the ball high and far over the third-baseman's head.
Shay ran toward third base deliriously as the runners ahead of him circled the bases toward home.
All were screaming, 'Shay, Shay, Shay, all the Way Shay'
Shay reached third base because the opposing shortstop ran to help him by turning him in the direction of third base, and shouted, 'Run to third! Shay, run to third!'
As Shay rounded third, the boys from both teams, and the spectators, were on their feet screaming, 'Shay, run home! Run home!'
Shay ran to home, stepped on the plate, and was cheered as the hero who hit the grand slam and won the game for his team'
That day', said the father softly with tears now rolling down his face, 'the boys from both teams helped bring a piece of true love and humanity into this world'
Shay didn't make it to another summer. He died that winter, having never forgotten being the hero and making me so happy, and coming home and seeing his Mother tearfully embrace her little hero of the day!
We all have thousands of opportunities every single day to help realize the 'natural order of things.
So many seemingly trivial interactions between two people present us with a choice:
Do we pass along a little spark of love and humanity or do we pass up those opportunities and leave the world a little bit colder in the process?
A wise man once said, every society is judged by how it treats it's least fortunate amongst them.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Small change in plans...

This week there's been a bit of a change in the plans for the next couple of weeks. Originally I was told by race organizers that the ITU race in Couteau-du-Lac was cancelled so I was going to race the long course in Muskoka then go San Francisco in Jule. Now this week I find out it's not cancelled anymore so I'm signed up and now I'm only doing the sprint in Muskoka. The race in the Couteau-du-Lac is the next Saturday so not even recovery time if I was doing to do the long course on Sunday.
I went in the lake this week and it was actually warmer than I thought it would be. I've had to swim races in water colder so...I just went in quick as I just wanted to try it out and it was getting dark so this weekend I'm going to head back and get a workout in with the wetsuit before my first race. I though with all these cold nights we've been having that it would of taken longer this year for the lakes to warm up.
So just a quick update today... I think we're going to the Relay for life tonight for a little big and then tomorrow after a massage in the afternoon its a dinner and movie date with Jesse and Sarah.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Great weekend with great friends

Now that it's been a few days since I've had my new truck it's been great having it! It's already come in handy a few times. This weekend was a little on the cold side but it was still a lot of fun. Friday night Lea and I went out for supper to Mr. Prime Rib with Drew and the kids. We had a really good supper and it was nice to spend some time with them.
Saturday morning Lea and I both had to work until 1pm but after that we decided to get a few more quotes on sheds. After that we went to Home Depot to see there sheds that they already had built and you just buy the kit and build it yourself. After some thinking we decided it was the best way to go and we bought a new shed that we are picking up tomorrow after work. We're going to tear down the garage and replace it with the new shed.
Sunday after coaching we headed out to Skead to spend the afternoon with Sig. I got meet the new people who bought my old house that I grew up in and see all the work they've done to the property to get ready to build. It looks really good and in a way it felt good to see that and how beautiful it looked looking out over the lake. After that we went for a ride to look for some cedar trees that we could transplant and bring home with us. We found a bunch on an old road up to an abandoned diamond and gold mine. We had a really nice supper together back at Sig's house and then it was time to head home. We planted the trees when we got home and then it was off to bed.
Today I did a 1.5 hour bike with two hard intervals. After that it was over to the pool for a 1.5 hour swim with some hard 100's going 1:02. The speed is good and I'm glad I'm feeling it in the water. This week is another big week for me getting ready for my first race of season next weekend in Muskoka. Last week was a big run focus week and this week I hope to build on that with some speed work in the run and some big bike rides. I also want to be swimming under a minute for 100's in practice before next weekend. I'm looking forward to the pain!

Friday, May 29, 2009

My new Truck

Here are a couple of pictures of my new Truck from EZ Rock, New Sudbury Centre and Crosstown. Thank you guys so much, it looks great and its a super fun ride.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Birthday Weekend

Today is my 23rd birthday!
This weekend Lea and I went to North Bay on Saturday afternoon and met up with my sister at my aunt and uncles house. We had an awesome supper follow by my favorite, strawberry ice cream and some lemon muffins for my birthday. Thank you guys!! We got all the pictures from the photographer before we left so we were able to show everyone those and my aunt downloaded them ALL onto her computer. She probably has over a thousand pictures now...
Sunday I had to coach in North Bay as the younger kids on the swim team had a swim meet. They all did really good and were swimming really fast. After the swim meet it was back over to the house where my uncle had cooked us a huge brunch that was really good! Jenn came over and we loaded up a couple things into the truck to bring over to her house. After a quick stop at Jenn and Marc's house it was time to head home.
I went out for a bike ride as soon as I got home but I think I ate way too much over the weekend and I wasn't feeling all that great during a few of the harder efforts. For supper last night we picked up some pickerel from a little meat shop just outside of North Bay and we cut the fillets into strips and wrapped them in bacon and put them on the BBQ. They were so good I had to stop myself from eating them all. I finished them off for lunch though today:) Today I had a much better run on the treadmill at the boxing club and later I have an easy swim and then a bike ride before supper. I have a couple of big weeks coming up for training before my first race of season at the Muskoka Chase.
I started my little summer job last week at the radio station. I'm going to be going on air Thursday and Friday mornings at 7:55 and 8:55 talking to different businesses and finding out how they are trying to go green. Then on Saturdays I'm going to different local events and find out whats going on and I'll be on air at 8:45, 9:45, 11:45 and 12:45. My first week went really good and I got to meet some really cool people and I'm looking forward to the rest of the summer.

Monday, May 18, 2009

It has come...and it has gone.

The wedding has finally come and gone and it now time to relax a little bit. It was a busy few days with all the excitement going on. Lea's parents got here on Wednesday last week and it has a big help having them here with the last few things that needed to get done. They stayed at our house Wed. and Thurs. night along with my best man Jesse. Wednesday night we all watched the game and had a few drinks. Then someone got the idea that we should prank call a couple people at like 10:30 at night. So Jesse ended up calling my mom, my sister, her boyfriend and my aunt in North Bay. Everyone got a different story from my sister's b/f being told that Molly had been picked up downtown and was in jail to my aunt being told the wedding was off. We got a few people pretty good and there were definitely a few laughs all around.
On Thursday Jesse, Moe (Lea's dad) and I tried to go golfing at Timberwolf but as we got to the second hole it started to hail so that was the end of that. Of course though by the time we got home it had pretty much cleared up. Thursday night a whole bunch of us went over to my mom's for a big supper. Thursday was an early night though as we knew Friday was going to be a long day.
Friday there were a bunch more people coming over to our house with my aunt and uncle, the whole wedding party, Lea's brother and g/f and a few other people. We got a bunch of food and drinks ready for the next day as we were inviting everyone to our house between the church and the reception. There was also all the set up at the golf course to be done for the reception which actually went really smooth. Then we all went over to the church for 4:00pm for the rehearsal but it went so fast I think everyone left there even more confused as to what they were supposed to do the next day. Back at the house we had a huge BBQ with everyone before everyone went back to the hotel for the night. Lea and her girls that were standing for her all went to B&B for the night and left Jesse and I home all along....we had our own plans though for a good time. I think we drank a few pops Friday night and at midnight we set off the fire works we had bought at the store that day. It was a lot of fun and Jesse I thank you for that!
Saturday morning came and after only a couple hours sleep we were up but again no golf as we had planned because of the rain. Thankfully though the rain let up around 11:00am and the rest of the afternoon the weather was pretty good. Drew, Caelan, and Moe came over and we had to be at the church for 1:15pm and it kind of snuck up on us and it was a little bit of rush at the last minute to get all dressed and ready. Our make up and hair did take a quite a while after all...
I started getting really nervous once we got the the church and I was actually even shaking a bit as 2:00pm got closer. Finally it was time and Lea looked absolutely beautiful and her dress made her look even more like a princess. The church part went really good, I only messed up a few words and we didn't walk out in the right order...oh well no one knew.
The wind was a little bit cold but we toughed it out and we got some really nice pictures outside by the lake out in Naughton. The one's I posted below are only from my camera that I had given someone so I didn't get all that many pictures but once I get the one's from the photographer I'll make sure to put lots more up. After pictures we had a little bit of time so we stopped at our place and visited with everyone for a bit.
The reception went perfect as well. The place looked absolutely beautiful and we couldn't of asked for more. The food was the best we've ever had and with it being a buffet everyone ate way more than we should have. Every one's speeches were really good and I have to thank everyone who gave a speech. Thank you, Josee, Jesse, Mark and Bonnie, Richard, Lea's parents Lucille and Moe, my mom and of course Lea. There were some tear shed I think in almost all especially whenever someone talked about my dad. The power points were great and the pictures turned out really good and everyone seemed to enjoy seeing the two of us from little baby's all through the years growing up.
Everybody danced all night which was great to see, there was hardly a time when anyone was sitting in their chair. Even the people I didn't think would dance were dancing! I think we decided to leave around 11:30pm but then of course everyone wanted to say by so it wasn't an easy escape. We stayed the night at the same B&B as the girls had the night before and after a little hot tub we both fell asleep catching up on nights action of sports on Sports Centre.
Sunday morning everyone met at Culpeppers for breakfast and the opening of the gifts. The got some beautiful presents and both of us can't thank everyone enough for the things we received. After breakfast a bunch of the guys were finally able to get out and play a round of golf at the Lively golf course. It was a fun afternoon of golf and Lea and her mom stayed home and started cleaning from everyone being in the house. Sunday night it was one last dinner at the hotel with a bunch of the guest but we snuck out pretty early as we were pretty tired.
I need to thank everyone who was involved in some way in the planning and organizing, just for being at the wedding, and everything else. Jesse thank you so much, I couldn't of done it without you. Lea I love you more than anything and I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you.
It's back to the grind now for sure and today I got in a little bike-run and I'm planning on getting on the trainer for another bike as I watch a movie on our new Blue Ray player. Check out the pictures below and there will be more to come over the next or so. Oh and just throwing it out week today till my B-day! ;)

Wedding Pictures