Thursday, December 31, 2009

Gel Kayano 16

Introducing the new Gel Kayano 16's from Asics. I just picked up these shoes that were special ordered for my from Asics. Thank you to Robin at Bioped for his great support and getting me into the best running shoes available and actually not even available yet to the general public. They've made some really cool changes to the 16's which I'm going to love when I'm putting in some of the longer miles.
I got hit this week with a little bit of a flu bug but I was able to get rid of it really fast which is good especially for me because it seems usually once I get sick it last forever!
Tonight for New Years we are heading over to a friends for supper. I don't know if we will even make it to midnight because we have a long day ahead of us tomorrow but it is a new decade so maybe I'll stay up past my bed time tonight. Then Saturday is the big day when the Torch comes to Sudbury. One of the cars in the relay is coming to my house early to pick me up and then I'm gone with the torch relay until I get to Winnipeg on January 6th.
There's also a picture from x-mas in London of me with my brother in law and his girlfriend.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas in London

I will be heading home tomorrow after a couple great days in London visiting with my in laws. We showed up on Wednesday night and surprised Lea's parents as they had no idea that we were coming. We all had a really nice Christmas together and went out for brunch on Christmas day at the Delta hotel for an incredible buffet. I even managed to get in a couple workouts while I was here at the YMCA.
Today we did a little bit of Boxing Day shopping, nothing to crazy though! Just a few little things! We stopped at a new triathlon specific store that they have in London. It's called MultiSport Zone. They have an unique idea of not only selling some really nice triathlon gear and bikes but have made it into a training center as well. They have lots of options from the endless pool to many computrainers. They also offer training programs, bike fits, athletic and massage therapy. Check them out at
I'm looking forward to getting home tomorrow as I have a big week of training coming up. This week I have a training camp for swimming. I'm going to hop on the bike tomorrow night and then I have my first of five 2hour swim Monday morning followed by a 100km skiing that I'm doing with a friend at the Naughton ski-a-thon.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Merry Christmas

The big day that all the kids wait for every year is almost here. Only 3 more sleeps as some little ones may say! Lea and I will be leaving tomorrow after work to head down to London for a few days over Christmas and it's going to be a surprise for Lea's parents.
Things have been busy around our house as usual but especially with the time of year. We've been trying to get to see everyone at one point to wish them happy holidays. Saturday we had my sister over for supper, Sunday was the swim club party, last night we stopped in to see Jesse then spent the evening at Jack and Amanda's house. Tonight we're going out for supper with some more friends.
Yesterday I did my first cross country ski of the year and I'm going out again today. It's really good cross training and it takes some of the pressure off of the joins from the running. I'm going to try and get out a lot more this year than I have in past years.
I was approached yesterday by Science North asking if I would be interested in doing some testing in the new year. They want to use the results from my testing as an example for when other people or kids go in and try the test as a comparison. I felt pretty honored that they would choose me for this. I guess this just means that I'm going to have to be in tip top shape for January! Does that mean I'm only going to be able to eat 3 plates at turkey dinner?!?
We started redoing one of the bedrooms in the house. There was wood paneling on one of the walls that I took down and replacing. I'm also painting the room and putting in a closet door.
Well I wish everyone a safe and Merry Christmas and I will try and post some time after the big day and let everyone know how London is going and how stuffed I am.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

New Car...almost

On Monday Lea and I and my sister headed over to North Bay for the day to pick up my car. They did a good job fixing it and with all the new parts it looks almost new. We also went over to my aunt and uncles for a really nice supper with everyone!
It's an exciting time right now with Christmas coming soon and tonight is our Christmas get together with our good friend Sig.
I should also find out this week or next if I win the Community Award of Excellence which will be very exciting!!
Today is our first big snow fall of the year so it looks like it will for sure be a white Christmas which is always nice.
I have some really, really, really big news but I've had to promise not to say anything just yet so everyone is going to have to wait until the new year....sorry:(

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Long overdue pictures!

As promised here are a couple pictures from the last little while...The one of me dressed up is from a gala I went to a little while back and same with the one of Lea and I on the side. One picture is from Lea's birthday party and she is being closely observed as she opens one of her presents. Maybe she will share....
The other two are of a future star...Spencer who was with me on the weekend during my accident. The pictures are from a triathlon he did at the end of the summer. He's a great athlete and an even better kid!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Rough Weekend!

This weekend I went to North Bay to coach a swim meet on Saturday and Sunday. I had a really good time staying at my aunt and uncles house Saturday night with Spencer. Sunday after the meet Spencer and I went up to the cottage to check on a few things and I had to empty out the fridge and freezer. While we were up there is started to snow quite hard! So on the way back I slowed down because the roads were snow covered. We had just crossed back into Ontario and were about 30minutes from North Bay when a car came up from behind me very fast and passed me. As he was coming back into the lane he came in too soon and I had to use my brake so that we wouldn't hit. As I braked I lost control of the car and did a couple 360's before going off the road backwards down a side of a hill. It was very scary but somehow neither of us were hurt. As we climbed out of the car and got back up to the road we noticed the other car was nowhere to be seen! To make things worse there is no cell phone service on that stretch of the highway. I waved down a car that drove us back to the gas station in Eldee. I asked the guy if there was a towing company in the area and he said there was only one guy who worked for himself. So I called him and he said he would leave right away and that he only lived 5minutes away. Over 2 hours later he shows up...I reported it to the police as well and they showed up as well. After my car was pulled out of the ditch the tow truck guy said the car was "drivable" as soon as I changed one of the tire and put my spare tire on. Not too sure what made him think it was drivable but after $140 charge for 5minutes work to pull me out I didn't want to know how much it would charge to have him bring it to North Bay. We made it to North Bay though alright and we stayed at my aunt and uncles again. I owe both of them BIG time for everything!! The next morning I brought it over to the dealership and after finding out I need two new rims, two new tires, two new bumpers, an alignment and they still haven't looked under the car I decided I had to go through insurance. So after the $140 tow or should I say "pull out of the ditch" and the $500 deductible it turned out to be a not so good ending to the weekend.

On a more positive note it was Lea's Birthday last week and we had a nice party at the YMCA with a bunch of friends. We went swimming and then had food and cake. I got some good pictures of the party that I'll have to upload soon.

Not too much else is new...I did another school presentation last week which was a lot of fun! My new shoes and orthotics are on order from Robin at BioPed that I should be getting any day now. Robin and his team over at BioPed are great and they've helped me out a lot with shoes and orthotics which has saved me bit time!! Other than that training is going good...I'm really focusing on swimming right now and have been swimming fast and I have a few goals for some big swim meets after Christmas. I'm still running and biking though but it's just been a lot of base work. My aunt and uncle who I stayed with in North Bay this weekend are going to Florida for the winter and have invited me down to do some training in the nice weather. I'm going to try and take them up on it this year and try and get in about 10 days of some really good training.

Christmas is coming soon and I just want to remind everyone after my accident this weekend to be extra carful while travelling over the Christmas time and just be aware of the other drivers on the road as well because it could of been a lot worse on Sunday!