Monday, November 9, 2009

Early Christmas

Friday was almost like an early Christmas for me. First I received a big package from RBC with all my Olympic clothing with shirts, sweaters, vest and a really nice winter coat! Next was my new racing bathing suit from from Omni Swim that arrived a little later in the day. It's a speedo FSPro. I had to get a new racing suit because of all the new rules to the suits. It kind of sucks when you have all these suits worth a lot of money sitting in your closet that are no good anymore. Last but no least Lea had ordered me a book back in August when I crashed so kind of inspire me and all that but it was on back order and it didn't come in until Friday. It still looks like a good book and even though I'm not a huge fan of reading I'm sure I can find some time for this one...there are pictures so that always helps:)

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