Saturday, September 19, 2009


Things in London have been going good. Unfortunately we have to go home tomorrow but not before some training in the morning. I had a good swim yesterday at the London Canada Games Centre...I think I have a love hate relationship with that pool. I've raced in it many times. I don't think I can remember one time though where I actually had a good race but it's such a nice pool to swim in and enjoy training in it whenever I come here.
Lea's appointment went good on Friday. The doctor said that it is healing very nicely and she would be back to 100% within another month or two.
Yesterday I got my suit for the RBC Gala that's coming up. I look really sharp and am looking forward to the evening.
Spencer raced today in Lakeside. He had a really good race against some of the best kids in Ontario. He was 3rd out of the water, 2nd after the bike and finished around 5th.
Since I've been here I had a good swim yesterday morning and then a run in the afternoon. Today I got in a good 2 hour bike after we got back from the race. Tomorrow I'm going to do a bike with track workout off the bike which should be interesting. There a track at one of the high schools close by so I'll run to it after the bike and do my workout there.
This week will probably go by pretty fast and then it's off to Toronto for a week of training for the RBC Olympians Program.

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