Thursday, April 30, 2009

Only 16 days left...

As of today there is only 16 days left until the wedding. It's pretty scary how fast these last few weeks are going by and how much stuff there is to do! It's not that we aren't ready or there's things we haven't done it's that we have to recontact everyone and confirm everything with them and lots of last minute little details that couldn't be done until now. It's a little stressful but things are getting done and we are still having fun doing them so that's the main thing.
This weekend is the Sudbury Rocks Run but I don't think I'm entering in any of the distances but instead Josee is running the full marathon and I'm going to run the second half so 21.1km with her to keep her company and motivated!
Tuesday I went out again to the cycling clubs practice at DD Track and this time I actually knew what the workout was so I found it a lot better. There are some really strong riders in the top group and even a Pro cyclist who's raced on some big Pro teams over in Europe. When we were doing are hard riding the group was moving at over 50km/h around that track. Our practice was:
Warm up: 5min easy 5min mod. 5min hard 2min easy 2minutes All Out 2min easy 2min All Out 7min Easy
Main Set:
1:30 All Out - 1:30 Easy
1:15 All Out - 1:15 Easy
1:00 All Out -1:00 Easy
:45 All Out - :45 Easy
:30 All Out - :30 Easy
Then we did 10minutes recovery and then 20minutes at about 80% but guys really started pushing and were going over 80%. It hard workout and a solid 2 hours of riding.
All my other training has been going good also, I've been swimming everyday this week and have got in 2 hard runs as well.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day

Yes I know it's been awhile since I've made a post...things have been a little busy as of late. Here's a couple of pictures from yesterday's bike. I was trying out my new

So early last week Lea calls me while she's at work and says there's this little dog in the bargan hunter and that maybe we could go take a look at it. So Wednesday night we drive out to Azila and meet this little old retired couple who has this little toy poodle but has to get rid of it because they want to be gone for a few months at a time travelling and can't bring her with them. Of course she is the cutest little thing ever and weights all of about 7lbs at the most. We played with her for a little bit with them and then we went outside to "talk" about it. So that lasted all of about 2 mintutes at the most and we decided that we were going to take her. We told them though that we were going away for the weekend though and could we pick her up when we got home early this week and that was perfectly fine with them and they wouldn't give her to someone else. That didn't last all that long though as that night we decided that we wanted to pick her up before we left and that we would bring her with us. It tured out to be a good decision though as she was so good in the car and the easiest dog to travel with. She listens very good, as soon as you say her name she comes to you and sits. She has completely taken to us already and we can barely leave the house without her and she always wants us to hold her and play with her.

Like I said this past weekend we travelled down to Brantford for a swim meet. I didn't swim quite like I want to but I still won the 1500Fr and in the end I think I was just having a bit of an off weekend as I'm already back to swimming fast in the pool.

This week has already started off with lots of training...Monday was probably the easiest day with a 8km run and then hoped on the bike right away for an hour ride. Tuesday was an hour and a half in the gym doing weights, core and little bit of plyo work. Then it was off to the pool for a 3500m swim LC with a main set of 15x100Fr @1:20 holding 1:12 After that it was an easy 45minute spin on the trainer after supper. Today started off with a big swim, 5000m total and 10x300FR @4:00 holding under 3:30 for all of them. After that was 40 minutes on the bike with the last 15minutes at race effort and then a 10km tempo run off the bike. I finished off with a little bit of core and then called it a day.

Today was 22 days until the's coming so fast and there seems like there's so much to do! It's going to be a busy last 3 weeks that's for sure and I'm looking forward for the day to come and then relax afterwards.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Why do we always eat too much?

I just got the proofs for my race suit for this season and a jacket with my sponsor's logo's on it. I think they turned out pretty good and I'm excited to get them in!
This weekend Lea and I went to North Bay on Saturday and first met up with Lea's cousin who is going to school there and we went to look at a place for her to rent for next year. The house was great and she put her deposit on it. We then went over to Mark and Bonnie's house for Easter dinner. It had been such a long time since we've seen everyone so it was great seeing them. We had a really nice dinner and visit with everyone. Ate way too much though this weekend!! Stayed the night in North Bay and then Sunday picked up Lea's cousin to bring back to Sudbury with us. She stayed the night at our house and then went back on the bus this afternoon.
We are leaving mid day on Thursday to head down to London for the swim meet this weekend. This week will be more of a taper and rest week than anything so there wont be too much to report regarding training. Swimming will mostly be a bunch of springs and working on a few small things like starts and that kind of stuff. Biking and running will be just kind of easy and get out there and do it as opposed to any intensity.

Friday, April 10, 2009

RIP Fuzzy

So today was a very sad day at our house for all of about 3minutes when Fuzzy died in her cage. Not sure why she died...she was making nose like usual when we left the house this morning and then by the time we got home Fuzzy was gone. Other than that today was a great day...
We got up fairly early even though we both had the day off. After some breakfast we heading into the gym to do some weights. After that we played a little bit of basketball in the gym with Hayden and Tayte and then we did a core class. After that it was into the pool for a swim. It's one week today till the swim meet so I started working on some sprinting to get my speed up with some 25's and 50's all out.
This afternoon it was so nice outside that we spent most of it out in the yard doing some spring work. A little raking some leaves, washing down the deck and getting the patio furniture out. Then it was time for some nice pork chops on the BBQ.
Now I'm off to do a run while it's still nice out. Tomorrow it's off to North Bay so I hope everyone has a great Easter Weekend!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Maybe a bit of bad luck?

I'm starting to wonder if going out for a bike ride on Sunday was a bit of bad luck with all this nasty weather we are getting this week. I woke up this morning to more snow on the ground and during my run found it very slippery with the ice under the fresh layer of snow we got. This morning was a 7km run when I got up. Then it was over to the pool for an hour swim and some core afterwards. Tonight I have an hour bike with a 4km hard run off the bike. Monday during my swim I did a 800m hard and went 9:18. Wasn't too bad for the middle of practice and pretty tired from two bikes and a run the day before and 10km run right before my swim.
Last night we got to have supper with my cousin who lives out in Edmonton and was in town for work. I haven't seen him since I 10years old so there was lots of things to get caught up on! It was great to see him again and to be able to have a really nice supper together at our place.
This weekend looks like it's going to be a busy one with it being Easter and trying to get to see everyone. Right now Friday both of us are off of work and haven't decided yet what we're doing on Friday. Saturday we are going to North Bay to pick up Lea's cousin who is going to school there and spend the day with her. Then it's over to my aunt and uncles house in North Bay for supper and spend the night. Sunday I think we are bringing Lea's cousin back with us to Sudbury. Sunday when we get back into Sudbury I think I'm meeting up with Drew, Josee and maybe Jack for a long 20mile run. Sunday night I think we are all going over to my mom's for Easter supper. My cousin is supposed to still be in town so I think he'll come over also and Lea's cousin. Then next Wednesday is my LITTLE sister's 20th birthday! I can't believe she's already going to be 20...
Yesterday I was put in contact with the president of the Sudbury Boxing Club and had a very interesting conversation with him. I found out that they are also a national training centre which is kind of cool to have that here in Sudbury! He said he would really like to work with me and have be able to hold fundraising events, have me go and give talks to his boxers and even offered me to use their gym as a place to train if I ever need it. I'm really looking forward to to this interesting opportunity and it definitely sounds like there could be a great relationship built there for years to come.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

First Ride of the Year Outside

This weekend was kind of an interesting one...Saturday Lea and I went to the Sudbury Arena to check out the Aboriginal Festival. We checked out all the arts and crafts and watched the Grand Entry. After that it was over to LU to get in a swim. There was a swim meet going on this weekend at the pool so the only time I could swim was if I sneaked in during warm ups. It was different trying to swim a practice with like 50 other people in your lane...good thing it was long course! I did 15x100 D1-5 starting at 1:12 down to 1:04 on 1:30. It felt good as it was only my 3rd time swimming long course this season. My swim meet in two weeks the finals will be all long course so it was good to get that in.
Last night I had planned on doing a bike with a run off the bike so around 6:30 I got on the bike and not even 5minutes into my warm up my pager went off. So I jumped off the bike and headed over to the station. It turned out to be that we had to pull out an elderly man who had somehow drowned in the water in his basement. After we got him out several of the guys who have been at the station for a long time recognized him that he was a fire fighter at our station for 31 years and had retired in 1997. It was kind of sad that there was that connection and we gave him a moment of silence.
By the time I got home it was almost 9:00pm and too late to start a bike-run so I waited till this morning and when I got up I got in my hour bike and 12km run off the bike. After that it was into the pool to work for a couple of hours at the swim meet. On the way home I saw a couple of people out riding their bikes so I said enough was enough that I'm going out. So I when I got home I got all my stuff ready and headed out for my first bike ride of the year outside. It felt so good not to be on the trainer in the basement watching TV like all winter and to be out on the road. It wasn't too cold and I felt really strong! I just went for a short 45minutes but seeing how today was supposed to be a day off that turned into almost 2hours of biking and a 12km run off the bike I figured I wouldn't push it. Don't know how happy coach will be....
My cousin who I haven't seen in probably 10-12 years is supposed to be getting into town tonight for a couple of days for work and we are planning on getting together with him. It's crazy how I used to see him every time I would go to Ottawa and then he moved to Calgary and I haven't seen him since...
This weekend is Easter Weekend...Lea and I have the Friday off and hopefully we can get to see some friends and family over the weekend.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Recovery Day

Today was a great and much needed recovery day. After a hard two days, Monday and Tuesday coach gave me recovery day with an easy 45minute spin this morning when I woke up and a 40minute steady pace run followed by a 30minute easy swim. It felt great to just relax today and get ready for what's coming my way tomorrow.
Yesterday I had a huge swim the morning with the team. Those early mornings seem to be getting harder than they used to be when I was younger. It seems like you just went to sleep when your alarm goes off at 4:45am! Once I'm up I'm not bad it's just that first getting out of bed and convincing yourself that the alarm wont get shut off on its own. So after a 1500m warm up the main set was 8x400 @5:00 holding 4:50 They were 2xPull/Paddles 2xPaddles 2xPull 2xSwim It was a good 5500m logged.
I also had a big run was a 2km warm up and then 8km where ever 2km was an increase in pace until the last 2km were at race pace. With a couple km's cool down it was a good 12km.
Today is our long day of the week because after work I have to go and coach and then I have a couple hours off then I have to be at LU to work again from 8-10. I think tomorrow after work we are going to be having supper with Jesse and Sarah which should be fun. I'm looking forward to this weekend for some down time as last weekend was pretty busy.