Sunday, December 28, 2008

Here are some pictures taken over the past week. I had an awesome week for training with a lot of km's logged. I'm off to the gym right now so more to come later.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Well that time is almost here with only a couple of sleeps left before Santa comes I'm sure all the kids are very excited. I could tell this on Friday at practice when I was working with little kids and I'm not sure if it's the teachers gave them way too many candy canes or just because it was the last day of school but I'm never seen them that crazy! It was all good though and we still had some fun.
Saturday was pretty much a recovery day for me as it was spent with good friends and a great supper! Sunday I did a track workout at Laurentian with some hard sprints. After that it was right down into the pool for a swim. The main set was 5x200Pull D1-5 from 2:30-2:17 on 2:45. Then it was 5x100 holding just under 1:10 on 1:20 and then 5x50 on :45 hold 30-31. With a good warm up and cool down it was good 4000m.
Today was a little bit of everything...I started out with 30min. of core work. Jumped on the bike for a 30min. spin with a 45min run on the treadmill off the bike. Then it was into the pool for a good zone 2 45min. continuous swim.
We don't have much planned over the holidays other than trying to get to see some friends and family, not eat too much stuffing and put in some hours on the computrainer. If I don't get another post up before Thursday I want to wish everyone a safe and Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Swim Meet & EZ Rock All the Way!!

This past weekend I was in Guelph for a swim meet and I knew it was a good chance for me to see where my swimming is at this point in the season. Friday I swam the 200 Fly and in prelims I went 2:23 and qualified for finals in 4th. Friday afternoon I just rested in the hotel room as 200Fly is one of my favourite races and I wanted to have a good swim that night. I went in and based on my time from the morning and how that felt I had a feeling I could do around a 2:17-2:18 but it order to win it I would have to be around 2:13 which is my best time. I decided that I would start out hard and see if I got a bit of a lead if they would give up on me and just race for second. So that's what I did...I started out 28 at the 50m and 1:01.8 at the 100m. I knew I went out fast but not that fast and now it was just try and hold on and not die! In the end my plan almost worked but I came second and was just out touched and my time was 2:14.12 which is only about 1/2 a second off my best time. I was very happy with my race and couldn't of asked for much more.
Saturday Lea and I went home to London for the day to visit her parents. We did a little bit of shopping in the morning while her mom was still sleeping after just getting off a night shift at the hospital. We went to Home Sense to use our gift card and got ourselves a new bed set and it looks great on the bed! We had a good visit and a great steak dinner.
Sunday was my 1500Free and I was really looking forward to this race and really hoped I had a good race. There were a couple of guys who were really fast, like one who just set a Canadian Record 3 weeks ago fast...We were at the pool for 8am and figured I would be swimming around 11am but it turned out that my race wouldn't be until after 1pm. It was a long weight and I wasn't prepared food wise and about an hour before the race I could feel it in my stomach. It was also hard to be still warmed up after such a long weight. It started out alright and I was with the two leaders for the first couple hundred meters but I knew the pace we were hold I couldn't keep that up for too long. I dropped off and settled into a comfortable pace, I look back and think that it have been a little to comfortable at some points but there was no catching the two leaders. I finished in 16:52 which is just under 1:08's per 100m. I was over excited about the race but then wasn't disappointed either. I know I can improve on that over the next couple of months and will be faster the next time I swim it at the beginning of Feb.
So yesterday I had a meeting with the managers and owners of EZ Rock because they said they had an idea of how to help me out in terms of sponsorship but wouldn't tell me what over the phone. All weekend my mind was trying to think of all the I went in yesterday and was completely blown away!!! I could never of dreamed of something like this! I can tell exactly what it is or any of the details because they still have to work a few little things out first but it's big and I can't wait!!
Training has been going good since I've been back. 3 hours on Monday and 2.5 yesterday and today I have another 3+ hours to put in! I also got my computrainer on Monday from Dr. Theriault which I can't wait to get set up and will help my riding so much this winter! Well I have to run as I have to get my bike ride in now before I have another client.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Don't answer the door in your Underwear

So I can officially announce today that Profile Design will be one of my sponsors for 09. There is no question they are the leading brand when it comes to bike parts and I can't wait to start using them.
Well the snow just hasn't seemed to stop and also everyday there seems to be some to shovel. I think it's going to be a great year for skiing and I think it's safe to say we're going to have a white Christmas. We have most of our shopping done now and only a couple of small things left to get which is good because usually I don't mind going to the mall but not now when it takes 20minutes just to find a parking spot and you can barely move in stores.
Last night the real estate agent who sold us our house came by with a house warming gift that she said she has had in her car for months now. She handed me a nice picture frame and a gift certificate for Home Sense and I didn't open the gift certificate right away and just said thank you. After she left Lea opened it and it was for $150!! We will definitely be able to get something nice with that.
This weekend is my swim meet in Guelph and we are leaving tomorrow after work. I am swimming six races starting Friday morning and have two each day. There will be $125 prize for each race this weekend so hopefully I have been swimming enough and can get enough to at least cover the cost of the trip.
On Monday night I was downstairs and I had just had a shower and all I had on were my boxers and someone knocked at the door and I yelled for them to come it and they didn't so I went up and I figured it would just be just someone I know so I open the door and it was a police officer. I was a little embarrassed at that point and wondering what he was doing here. Well it turned out that he was just letting us know that Lea has to be in court in a couple of weeks for her accident back in August because the girl who hit her was charged with careless driving and is fighting the charge.
So if I have internet in the hotel room on the weekend I'll post how the meet is going otherwise it will have to wait till I get home.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Christmas is coming

Well about 23 sleeps and Santa will be here now. It seems like November just flew by and we're into December now. Lea and I were in North Bay overnight this weekend as I was coaching at the swim meet. The kids awesome and everyone had lots of fun and it was great as always to see Mark and Bonnie.
Saturday before we left I did a run with Jack early and then I had a quick shower and we were on the road. Sunday when we got back Lea and I went skiing with Jack and his family for about an hour and then I ran home from the ski trails. Yesterday I did some core, weights and tried spinning for a bit by my legs were feeling it so after only about 30minutes of spinning I decided to his the pool and give the legs a break for the rest of the day. Today will be another swim trying to get ready for my swim meet next weekend and then a brick workout.
I found out today from my doctor that my stomach problems that I had been having were being caused by an ulcer. This is already my tired one but it had been also 4 years since my last one and they aren't fun. So I'm on some medication for it and hopefully it will go away sooner than later.
Tomorrow we will be installing a carpet runner than we bought for our stairs going down into the basement. It will look really nice to finish the stairs off and it will also help to make them not slippery so when I come in the house and try and walk downstairs with my bike shoes on I wont end up on my back like I already have once.
All this snow we've got so far has been pretty looks like we could be in for a long winter as it's barely stopped snowing for two weeks now. Hopefully everyone is driving safe and taking their time as we adjust to the conditions.