Saturday, January 30, 2010


So it's definitely been awhile since I've done a blog...since I got back from the torch relay basically which is pretty bad! Not too much is new since was Jesse and Sig's birthday that we celebrated this week. At work I was asked to go to Sears and give a presentation to a bunch of pregnant ladies about physical fitness while you're pregnant. That was a little different!
I'm now in Florida for a little while getting some training in. I got in last night and right away put my bike together. This morning I went for a 2.5 hour bike and it was so nice to get outside and off the trainer in the basement back at home. The pavement was so nice also compared to back home. There isn't potholes every 10 feet that I have to dodge! We just have some eggs and ham for breakfast and then I'm heading over to the pool for noon to swim.
I'm going to keep updating my blog while I'm here so keep an eye out for some more post of how training and everything in Florida is going.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Home Sweet Home

This picture was taken on my last morning on the relay in Winnipeg before heading to the airport. This was truck we were travelling in!
I had a good trip home even though it was a long day a travel. It was nice to get picked up at the airport by our friend Sig who drove me home and then had supper with us.
As fun as the trip was it was really nice to be home and sleeping in my own bed and back to my regular schedule today. And after limited training over my trip it was good to get in a solid 3 hours today. Tomorrow I will be back at the pool coaching as it seems like forever since I've seen the kids I coach with the holidays and then being gone the first week back. Jack stopped over tonight while his daughter was had cross country skiing practice at the trails by our house. It was nice to see him and he gave me a few tips on the room we are remodelling.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Last day on the Olympic Torch Relay

Today was my last day on the Olympic Torch Relay before flying home tomorrow. It was a great day over all as we didn't have to travel too far with only about a total of 3 hours of driving. This morning we were in Steinbech Manatoba. They bussed in about 50 bus loads of kids from local schools so Jared, Jill and I were none stop signing for over three hours. The whole time though we were really looking forward to the evening celebration in Winnipeg as it was supposed to be one of the biggest of the relay.
Winnipeg sure didn't disappoint tonight as the number of people that turned out was incredible. We each also got to take turns going over the hotel that was next to the celebration to mingle with a bunch of RBC clients at a party RBC was putting with food and drinks. I got to see my first protesters tonight! They were pretty innocent though tonight as they was just a small group of them and they were just yelling some stuff at us but they got moved along pretty quick.
It's been a great trip on the Torch Relay but I'm tired and it will be good to get home, get some rest and see Lea. I just want to thank you to Kat for taking such great care of me while I've been on the road. Kat has gone more than out of her way to make this one of the best experiences ever and I hope that her and I can keep in touch. Also a big thank you to RBC for giving me this amazing experience.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Day #3 Olympic Torch Relay

Well we got the disappointing news on the way to Dryden this morning that our celebration wouldn't be on the lake and that it made been moved indoors because of the wind shield factor. It was kind of upsetting because I had really been looking forward to be on the Ice Road but ever since a couple days ago when they had to bring 6 people to hospital because of the cold they aren't taking any chances. I was really surprised at how big both Dryden and Kenora are. I thought they were going to be really small communities but there was a lot of people at both celebrations and the cities were very nice.
Lea told me yesterday that she was talking to her aunt who lives in Hearst and she was saying that there's this really cool store on the side of the highway that we should stop at where everything is made of sheep fur. So I told everyone about it and next thing you know I've got a whole ton of RBC and Coke SUV's and Transports stopping at this little store to check it out. Some people were spending hundreds of dollars on clothes, mits, hats, name it! All because of Lea's aunt who said I should stop if I can.
Tonight's celebration in Kenora was outside and as you can see in one of the pictures they made these really big hollow ice cubs and put candles in them. There were hundreds of them and they marked the way for the torch. It was really cool!! A couple thousand people turned out tonight in Kenora which was great considering it was so cold and there were so many young kids. And that is the real reason why I'm doing this is for the kids and to see their faces when they see the torch and the few seconds I get to spend talking with each one trying to inspire them to reach for their dreams in sport or whatever they do in life.
Tomorrow is my last day on the relay when I end in Winnipeg tomorrow night before flying home the next day. It's supposed to be a huge celebrations in Winnipeg tomorrow and I can't wait.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Day #2 of Olympic Torch Relay

Today started with a 3:30am wake up to be on the road at 4am. Before we got on the road we were informed that one of the trucks travelling during the night hit a moose and was pretty much totalled. The first part of the drive was done in the dark as we went through Wawa. After that the sun started to come up and we were able to see all around us. I've been to some pretty cool places around Canada and the World but there is nothing like good old Northern Ontario. It was some of the nicest country I've seen and it made for a great drive! I took a couple picture as we got into out first celebration town of Marathon. The people of Marathon were great and were supper pumped about us being there and really enjoyed the show. After is was back on the road and this time I took a turn behind the wheel to Thunder Bay.
Thunder Bay sure knows how to have fun as thousands of people came out for the celebration. I'm pretty sure I didn't stop signing autographs the whole two hours we were there.
The food on the road has been lets just say AMAZING!! We have full buffets everynight in the hotel just for us. You can pretty much have anything you want! My kind of a meal for sure....
I know I said today one of the celebrations was supposed to be on a lake but I was wrong and it's actually tomorrow when we get to Dryden. Then we finish off the day in Kenora. Looking forward to travelling to this great places I've never been before and getting to meet the people of these towns.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

My first day on the Olympic Torch Relay

Wow, what an experience! Today was my first day on the Olympic Torch Relay. It started this morning when I was picked up by my team in our fancy Yukon Hybrid. From there we headed straight downtown to the celebration. As you can see from one of the pictures I have my own little tent where people can come and meet me and I sign autographs for them. It's been such a great experience so far as the celebrations themselves are something else with all the music, performances and stories.
After we were done in Sudbury our team packed up and before we left Sudbury they wanted to see the Big Nickel so I took them over and they all got their pictures taken beside it. After that it was on the road to the Sault.
Tonight's celebration was indoors at the arena which was nice because I didn't have to worry about my hands freezing while trying to sign every ones autograph. Tonight the final person to carry the torch into the arena was a girl I know from the Sault who used to swim and went to the 2000 and 2004 games.
This torch relay is such a great experience for me and really every Canadian because it gives everyone the chance to be part of the Olympics that are going to be happening in Vancouver in just over a month from now.
Tomorrow we are on the road at 4am but I believe it's tomorrow that one of our celebrations are on a lake!! Stay tuned for what is going to be lots more great adventures.