Monday, August 10, 2009

Getting Sick Sucks!

I'm finally starting to feel better and get back to some training after close to two weeks of almost no training. After the race in Bala I had some good workouts on Monday and then woke up Tuesday morning really sick. I tried everything to get ride of it but nothing seemed to work. It suck all the energy out of me and I decided that if I was going to get better I couldn't try and "train" until I was feeling better. Unfortunately it lasted much longer than I wanted and with less than two weeks left until Nationals I'm worried the damage might be done and only time will tell if I can get back to where I was before I got sick. I started training again on Friday and decided not to race this past weekend but yesterday I went over to the lake and did two of my own mini tri's back to back. 2x 500m swim, 10km bike, 1.5km run I felt pretty good but I was still coughing up parts of a lung from time to time.
Last weekend we went up to the cottage and had a great time! We had some not so bad weather for a change and were able to get outside and get lots done. We cut a couple tree's down, sauna, swimming, tubing, fires and just a great time with some great people.
This weekend we are going to Sundridge for a Triathlon. The main reason for going is because they have a kids race there and I'm taking a couple of the kids I coach. The kids race in the afternoon and they have an adults race in the morning that I'll be doing. We have a site at a campground booked and will be spending Saturday night in the tent as long as the weather holds up.

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