Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas in London

I will be heading home tomorrow after a couple great days in London visiting with my in laws. We showed up on Wednesday night and surprised Lea's parents as they had no idea that we were coming. We all had a really nice Christmas together and went out for brunch on Christmas day at the Delta hotel for an incredible buffet. I even managed to get in a couple workouts while I was here at the YMCA.
Today we did a little bit of Boxing Day shopping, nothing to crazy though! Just a few little things! We stopped at a new triathlon specific store that they have in London. It's called MultiSport Zone. They have an unique idea of not only selling some really nice triathlon gear and bikes but have made it into a training center as well. They have lots of options from the endless pool to many computrainers. They also offer training programs, bike fits, athletic and massage therapy. Check them out at
I'm looking forward to getting home tomorrow as I have a big week of training coming up. This week I have a training camp for swimming. I'm going to hop on the bike tomorrow night and then I have my first of five 2hour swim Monday morning followed by a 100km skiing that I'm doing with a friend at the Naughton ski-a-thon.

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