Friday, July 24, 2009

A few recent pics

Things have been going great lately....last weekend I ran a 10km and was leading it for about 9.95km's until I got out sprinted in the last couple metres. About two hours later was the Island Swim. I felt good in the 1.6km swim and came out a couple of minutes a head of the next person. This week I've some more good training and even though my legs are a little tired I'm ready to do battle this weekend in the Balla Triathlon on Sunday. Today I got a few goodies in the mail. One was a couple of new bike shorts from Blue. Lea thinks it's kind of funny that they are a size XS....the other package had my ITU draft legal bars for my road bike from Profile Design. I put them on the bike right away and went for a ride and they are pretty sweet. Other than that things have been going along pretty regularly at work and home.

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