Friday, August 14, 2009

A little/big set back

Tuesday night I was at cycling practice and we were onto our second set of sprints and I was actually starting to feel good and I said to myself that it was a good confidence builder after being sick leading into Nationals. Then next thing I know the guy in front of me is going down and there was nothing I could do. I went right over top of him and landed on my head and shoulder. I laid there in shock and pain until the ambulance got there and took me to the hospital. Nothing is broken but there is a lot damage to my shoulder and I still have no movement in it. It's still very painful and I'm sure it will take another week or so to really determine how long this will affect me for. I've cancelled my trip to Nationals next week as there is really no way I can compete let a lone get through one stroke on the swim. My new helmet that is only about a month old got cracked in 3 places when I hit the ground. I guess that's what happens when you crash at around 55km/h. My next race after Nationals was Muskoka 70.3 so we will see if I am ready to race or even just go out and finish.

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