Tuesday, October 20, 2009

So many things...so little time...

Things have been a little crazy around the Green house as of late. We have a swimmer from the Sault who is going to be staying with us for a while. We've been trying to get things figured out with him as far as getting him into school and such.
Lea's uncle passed away last week after a short battle with cancer. Lea just got back last night from London where the funeral was.
This past weekend my sister and I and Josh the guy who's staying with Lea and I went up to my cottage for the weekend. It was a beautiful weekend with all the fall colors and we had a really good time and even caught some fish.
I've also been busy with work and my training has kind of taken a back seat for the past couple of weeks. Although it's a big frustrating for me it's also a good thing because it gives me kind of a break after the season before I start training for next year. I've been swimming though almost everyday and I'm starting to swim pretty fast again so I know my fitness is still there. I have a swim meet this weekend here in town but I'm only swimming one race.

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