Monday, May 18, 2009

It has come...and it has gone.

The wedding has finally come and gone and it now time to relax a little bit. It was a busy few days with all the excitement going on. Lea's parents got here on Wednesday last week and it has a big help having them here with the last few things that needed to get done. They stayed at our house Wed. and Thurs. night along with my best man Jesse. Wednesday night we all watched the game and had a few drinks. Then someone got the idea that we should prank call a couple people at like 10:30 at night. So Jesse ended up calling my mom, my sister, her boyfriend and my aunt in North Bay. Everyone got a different story from my sister's b/f being told that Molly had been picked up downtown and was in jail to my aunt being told the wedding was off. We got a few people pretty good and there were definitely a few laughs all around.
On Thursday Jesse, Moe (Lea's dad) and I tried to go golfing at Timberwolf but as we got to the second hole it started to hail so that was the end of that. Of course though by the time we got home it had pretty much cleared up. Thursday night a whole bunch of us went over to my mom's for a big supper. Thursday was an early night though as we knew Friday was going to be a long day.
Friday there were a bunch more people coming over to our house with my aunt and uncle, the whole wedding party, Lea's brother and g/f and a few other people. We got a bunch of food and drinks ready for the next day as we were inviting everyone to our house between the church and the reception. There was also all the set up at the golf course to be done for the reception which actually went really smooth. Then we all went over to the church for 4:00pm for the rehearsal but it went so fast I think everyone left there even more confused as to what they were supposed to do the next day. Back at the house we had a huge BBQ with everyone before everyone went back to the hotel for the night. Lea and her girls that were standing for her all went to B&B for the night and left Jesse and I home all along....we had our own plans though for a good time. I think we drank a few pops Friday night and at midnight we set off the fire works we had bought at the store that day. It was a lot of fun and Jesse I thank you for that!
Saturday morning came and after only a couple hours sleep we were up but again no golf as we had planned because of the rain. Thankfully though the rain let up around 11:00am and the rest of the afternoon the weather was pretty good. Drew, Caelan, and Moe came over and we had to be at the church for 1:15pm and it kind of snuck up on us and it was a little bit of rush at the last minute to get all dressed and ready. Our make up and hair did take a quite a while after all...
I started getting really nervous once we got the the church and I was actually even shaking a bit as 2:00pm got closer. Finally it was time and Lea looked absolutely beautiful and her dress made her look even more like a princess. The church part went really good, I only messed up a few words and we didn't walk out in the right order...oh well no one knew.
The wind was a little bit cold but we toughed it out and we got some really nice pictures outside by the lake out in Naughton. The one's I posted below are only from my camera that I had given someone so I didn't get all that many pictures but once I get the one's from the photographer I'll make sure to put lots more up. After pictures we had a little bit of time so we stopped at our place and visited with everyone for a bit.
The reception went perfect as well. The place looked absolutely beautiful and we couldn't of asked for more. The food was the best we've ever had and with it being a buffet everyone ate way more than we should have. Every one's speeches were really good and I have to thank everyone who gave a speech. Thank you, Josee, Jesse, Mark and Bonnie, Richard, Lea's parents Lucille and Moe, my mom and of course Lea. There were some tear shed I think in almost all especially whenever someone talked about my dad. The power points were great and the pictures turned out really good and everyone seemed to enjoy seeing the two of us from little baby's all through the years growing up.
Everybody danced all night which was great to see, there was hardly a time when anyone was sitting in their chair. Even the people I didn't think would dance were dancing! I think we decided to leave around 11:30pm but then of course everyone wanted to say by so it wasn't an easy escape. We stayed the night at the same B&B as the girls had the night before and after a little hot tub we both fell asleep catching up on nights action of sports on Sports Centre.
Sunday morning everyone met at Culpeppers for breakfast and the opening of the gifts. The got some beautiful presents and both of us can't thank everyone enough for the things we received. After breakfast a bunch of the guys were finally able to get out and play a round of golf at the Lively golf course. It was a fun afternoon of golf and Lea and her mom stayed home and started cleaning from everyone being in the house. Sunday night it was one last dinner at the hotel with a bunch of the guest but we snuck out pretty early as we were pretty tired.
I need to thank everyone who was involved in some way in the planning and organizing, just for being at the wedding, and everything else. Jesse thank you so much, I couldn't of done it without you. Lea I love you more than anything and I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you.
It's back to the grind now for sure and today I got in a little bike-run and I'm planning on getting on the trainer for another bike as I watch a movie on our new Blue Ray player. Check out the pictures below and there will be more to come over the next or so. Oh and just throwing it out week today till my B-day! ;)

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Tyler Lord said...

Welcome to the marriage club..haha

Bike issue on the ride but race went well. My back cog was loose and had serious wheel rub..haha

You coming out to Milton?