Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Happy Canada Day

Tomorrow is Canada Day and I can't believe July is already here. With things being so busy time just seems to fly by....
This past weekend started off with a Yard Sale at our house. We got rid of most of the bigger stuff that we didn't want to have to bring back into the house and the little things that are left over Lea is bringing over to her friends house this Saturday and putting it in her yard sale. After that we headed over to one of the house of one of the parents on the swim team who lives on the lake for an end of the year party. We had a lot of fun and I got to go tubing for the first time in a while but while I was doing it I realized it probably wasn't the best idea the day before I had to race and it's true as my arms and shoulders were pretty sore the next day. After that we headed over to North Bay to stay with my uncle and aunt for the night.
Sunday morning I headed over to the race site nice and early as it's a small transition and it fills up fast. There was already a ton of people there and I didn't get the best position for my bike but then again it wasn't the worst. I went for a little run to get warmed up and then got my wetsuit on and heading down to the lake. The way the swim is the sun is right in your eye and while I was warming up I couldn't see the first marker at all. I felt alright in the warm up just a bit sore from the tubing. The gun went off and right away Len and I took off and he jumped on my feet. By this point the sun had gone up enough that I could see and I got into a good pace. I went around the first marker and he was still just hanging on my feet so I decided to slow down and let him lead so I wasn't doing all the work. So I slow down and he doesn't move...I slow down again and he doesn't move...by this point I'm at like a cool down pace after a hard practice so I turn over on my back and start doing back stroke....still wouldn't go around me. The rest of the swim went like this and right before the shore I sprinted in to get a few meters lead going into transition. Out onto the bike I could tell right away that my legs just weren't fresh at all and when Len went by me I had nothing to respond. I decided to just keep going and keep hard pace and just get ready for the run since after two races having horrible runs I wanted that one to be better. Getting back to transition Len had a couple minute lead but right out of transition my legs felt like they were turning over good. I felt much better than I had in the first couple km's but still not quite there. At the turn around though I pushed it a little more and really started to think about my technique and it seemed to work as I negative split the run and over I was with that part of the race.
Tomorrow I'm at Science North all day with the radio station and then I'm going to be running a 5km road race in Lively in the evening. This weekend is the big tear down of the garage and the building of the new one and it's sure to keep us busy and working hard all weekend.
Training has been going good...yesterday I did a easy 30minute spin on the trainer, swim at LU with 10x100 @1:20 holding under 1:10 and then a 8km run with a few pick ups. Today was a swim at the Y with 8x200 and then tonight it's cycling practice which always is a killer.

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