Monday, July 27, 2009

Bala Triathlon

This weekend I went to the Bala Triathlon. We left Saturday afternoon and were staying at a hotel in Gravenhurst. The hotel was really nice and there was only one other person staying there so it was nice and quiet. They even made the continental breakfast earlier so that I could eat there before I had to leave in the morning to get to Bala. Saturday night we ate at the Rib Fest in Gravenhurst. It was perfect because we couldn't find a restaurant to eat at in Gravenhurst then we come across the Rib Fest and of course I love to eat ribs before a race so it was meant to be. It started to rain though and it didn't stop the whole night...I went to bed just hoping that it would stop by morning.
Sunday morning it had stopped raining and looked like it was going to hold off for the race. A bunch of top guys ended up showing up and I knew it was going to be a good race. I did a little swim warm up and then we were off. I felt good in the swim and pulled away right away. I came out of the water with a bit of a lead but transition was a MESS! It was in a grassy field and the puddles from the rain were halfway up your shins. I had a bad transition and struggled with my wetsuit. Running out of transition you had to run through a pile of mud and as I get on my bike I look down and my whole leg is covered in mud and dirt! There goes my nice white bike It was an out and back bike course and I pushed hard on the way out because I knew the guys would be coming hard behind me. I was really surprised that there was no lead car or officials on the road for the traffic and to watch for drafting. So sure enough I do the turn around and what do I see but a train of 5-7 guys that sure looked liked they were drafting to me. I kept pushing hard and figured if they are going to cheat there's nothing I can do about it. Back into transition I was still ahead of them and after rolling around in the mud in transition again I was out onto the run course. It was a crazy hilly run course...probably one of the more hilly ones I've ever done. One of the guys caught me about half way through the run and I finished in second. I was a little upset though as again there was no officials on the run course at the corners telling people where to go. It just seemed like it was a poorly organized race and the rules and safety weren't enforced very well.
Overall it was a pretty good race and it's back to the grind now. I've already got three workouts in today with one more to go. I did a run with a client this morning, had a nap, went out for another run, drove Lea to work and went to the pool where I did 15x100 @1:20 holding under 1:10 for a main set. I feel great today after racing yesterday and am right back into the training.
Lea leaves tomorrow for London for a follow up on her surgery with the doctor and then her parents are bringing her back on Thursday. This weekend we are going up to the cottage for a much needed cottage break! It will be great to get away for a couple days and see everyone up there as it will be our first real trip up there this summer.

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Jamie N said...

Bud, I also did Bala, & remember seeing you. The 40's & up were waiting at the dock to hear the horn when we saw you come in. The power n your stroke was amazing to see. I have recently joined the Barrie Masters to get faster in the water. Although i have improved from a pace time of 2:20 to 2:00, my goal is to get to a 1:40 pace. I heard you come from a swimming background, is there any advice you can give me? sincerely Jamie Nielsen (Barrie).
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