Tuesday, November 17, 2009

New Construction

This is a picture from where I grew up of the new house that is being built from the people who bought our place. I have a lot of really good memories from growing up there from skating on the ice, fishing, making forts in the bush...the fun was endless. I'm fortunate that our old neighbour and one of our best friends still lives there and I can go out to visit when I get a chance.
Training has been going really good lately! I've been swimming probably the fastest I've been in a very long time. Today my main set was:
10x100 @1:20 holding 1:09-1:10
5x200 @2:40 1-2:19
On Sunday I had a big work out as well...I did an hour run +stairs in the morning. Then later I did an hour and a half hard swim and had my bike set up on pool deck and did an hour on the bike. It feels good to get back into the hard training after a little bit of down time and some lighter training.
I have to say a Big Thank You to Josee who is the owner of Gagnon Opticians and a very good friend for my new glasses! They look really good and even though I have pretty good vision I still find they make a big difference especially at the end of the day when I'm tired and I have trouble to focus.

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