Thursday, February 11, 2010

Long Weekend

I'm back home now but I'm not to sure about this cold weather. I guess it's good for the Pond Hockey Tournament this weekend on Ramsey Lake. I will be there Saturday morning for a few hours helping out as a member of the Skate Exchange Committee. We will be giving out used skates that we've collected throughout the year to those who need them. This is our 5th Skate Exchange this winter and we've already given out hundreds of skates to families.
This weekend being family day weekend is free ice fishing so after coaching Lea and I are planning on heading out to Skead where I used to live and do a bit of ice fishing for the afternoon.
Before I went away to Florida I had been going in to the Lively High School every morning and working with a couple students who will be doing their co-op with the YMCA as a "trainer". I had a meeting with the teachers at the high school today and it looks like everything is good and we will be starting on Tuesday for their official co-op. I will be spending the first two periods of the day with them in their weight room working with other students in their school and creating workout plans for them.
My brother in law got an interview with the Sudbury fire department coming up in about a week. I think it's pretty cool and it would be awesome if he got the job as it would be nice to have them closer and around more.
My trip home from Florida was pretty uneventful except for the lady sitting beside me who wouldn't stop talking to me even after I put my ear phones in to listen to the TV. I just want to thank all those who support me and made it possible for me to go down to Florida and take the time off work to train. I had a great coach while I was down there that I learnt a lot from. Thank you Lea for taking care of everything while I was did a great job!
I did get some bad news though on Monday before coming home. I was talking to my little sister and one of her very close friends was killed in a snow machine accident on Sunday. I felt really bad for her as she literally got off the team bus after their oua's swim meet and spent the rest of the night in the hospital with his family. 17 is just too young and my thoughts go out to his family.
I'm excited to see my grandma next weekend in Ottawa while I'm there for my swim meet. I never do get to see her nearly enough and it will be exciting to see her now that she just recently found out she's going to be a great grandma!
It was great to get back to coaching last night. I missed all the kids. I always look forward to working with them everyday and being part of their development and seeing them grow as athletes and young boys and girls. Except while I was gone I think they decided to forget everything I've taught them so there was a little bit of restarting of sets yesterday. Hopefully tomorrow morning they will have had time to remember everything.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Only a few more days...

I only have a few days left in the sunny south. It's been a lot of fun and a lot of hard work. I've had a mixture of weather from tornado warnings to bright sunny days where I got some nice sun burns. I've had some great training at an amazing pool with a great coach who has pushed me really hard and even finished off today's workout with a 400m LC Fly which I came in at 5:20. The area that I'm in has some of the best places for cycling in the state with some amazing things to see. We've done a little bit of travelling around visiting some friends who also spend the winter down here. Played a game of mini put on a pirates ship with real live alligators around. We even managed to get in a little shopping today.
I'm excited for my last few days here before heading home to the snow and cold. I am excited though to get home to Lea and my puppy Cricket who miss me and have had a rough go at things since I've been gone with the furnace breaking four different times and having to wait for someone to come fix it while the house gets colder and colder and then the fire department coming to our house because the CO detector went off because of the work being done. I wish I was there to help her with this especially right now
Just under two weeks now until I head to Ottawa for swimming nationals. I'm excited to see what I can do after this little training camp. I have some goals in mind but I will keep them to myself until after the meet.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Good swim and a little lost in Florida

Today I had a great swim at the GT Bray Aquatic Centre. It's a great facility with a 8 lane 25m pool and 6 lane 50m pool. All of my swimming has been done in the 50m pool though. My coach is great and is really pushing me hard. He used to swim for many years with Mark Spits and put 6 people to Olympic Trials for swimming for the last summer Olympics so he really knows what he's doing.
Today my practice was:
3x1000 1xkick 1xPaddle and band 1xswim
5x50 A.O. + 150 mod @ 2:50
100 easy
12x50 Fr @ :40
100 easy
400 A.O.
After that I went for a bike ride in a part of that I didn't know very well but I thought I could find my way back alright....was I wrong!! I went up and down this long street a couple of times because I was sure I was on the right street and there was supposed to be this 4 way stop and it just disappeared! I was getting pretty frustrated and it was a good thing I had my cell phone with me. So I got directions but I was still having a hard time finding my way back and then I came up on a cop who was stopped behind a broken down school bus so I thought I would ask him directions. Bad idea...don't ever ask a cop in North Port for direction. You would think I interrupted a homicide investigation or this cop was just having a really bad day!!
Tomorrow I have a run in the morning then its back to the pool for 11am and then I'm meeting a cycling group at 4pm for a hard ride. Should be a good day!

Here is a link that will bring you right to the RBC Olympians website and my bio. This years athletes were just put up on the website.
Training camp is going good. The weather could be a bit better but you gotta take what you get! I'm just heading over to the pool in a few minutes and coach says were going long today so we'll see what that means when the first two swims were 6000m each.