Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Rough Weekend!

This weekend I went to North Bay to coach a swim meet on Saturday and Sunday. I had a really good time staying at my aunt and uncles house Saturday night with Spencer. Sunday after the meet Spencer and I went up to the cottage to check on a few things and I had to empty out the fridge and freezer. While we were up there is started to snow quite hard! So on the way back I slowed down because the roads were snow covered. We had just crossed back into Ontario and were about 30minutes from North Bay when a car came up from behind me very fast and passed me. As he was coming back into the lane he came in too soon and I had to use my brake so that we wouldn't hit. As I braked I lost control of the car and did a couple 360's before going off the road backwards down a side of a hill. It was very scary but somehow neither of us were hurt. As we climbed out of the car and got back up to the road we noticed the other car was nowhere to be seen! To make things worse there is no cell phone service on that stretch of the highway. I waved down a car that drove us back to the gas station in Eldee. I asked the guy if there was a towing company in the area and he said there was only one guy who worked for himself. So I called him and he said he would leave right away and that he only lived 5minutes away. Over 2 hours later he shows up...I reported it to the police as well and they showed up as well. After my car was pulled out of the ditch the tow truck guy said the car was "drivable" as soon as I changed one of the tire and put my spare tire on. Not too sure what made him think it was drivable but after $140 charge for 5minutes work to pull me out I didn't want to know how much it would charge to have him bring it to North Bay. We made it to North Bay though alright and we stayed at my aunt and uncles again. I owe both of them BIG time for everything!! The next morning I brought it over to the dealership and after finding out I need two new rims, two new tires, two new bumpers, an alignment and they still haven't looked under the car I decided I had to go through insurance. So after the $140 tow or should I say "pull out of the ditch" and the $500 deductible it turned out to be a not so good ending to the weekend.

On a more positive note it was Lea's Birthday last week and we had a nice party at the YMCA with a bunch of friends. We went swimming and then had food and cake. I got some good pictures of the party that I'll have to upload soon.

Not too much else is new...I did another school presentation last week which was a lot of fun! My new shoes and orthotics are on order from Robin at BioPed that I should be getting any day now. Robin and his team over at BioPed are great and they've helped me out a lot with shoes and orthotics which has saved me bit time!! Other than that training is going good...I'm really focusing on swimming right now and have been swimming fast and I have a few goals for some big swim meets after Christmas. I'm still running and biking though but it's just been a lot of base work. My aunt and uncle who I stayed with in North Bay this weekend are going to Florida for the winter and have invited me down to do some training in the nice weather. I'm going to try and take them up on it this year and try and get in about 10 days of some really good training.

Christmas is coming soon and I just want to remind everyone after my accident this weekend to be extra carful while travelling over the Christmas time and just be aware of the other drivers on the road as well because it could of been a lot worse on Sunday!


sig said...

Whew, that's a close one!
I'm glad that you and Spencer are unharmed.
As you have already seen in your journey through life, there are those who act with total disregard
for others and will not accept responsibility fro their actions.
stay strong.....

Buddy Green said...

Thanks Sig!
This is true and its up to us to come out of these things with our head up and stick together to support our friends and family.