Saturday, October 3, 2009

RBC Olympic Training Week

I got back last night after four days at the RBC Olympic Program Training Camp. It was a great experience all around. There was about 30 athletes there who are all past, present and future Olympians. I got to meet some very interested people from all over Canada and from all different sports. It was a lot of fun and they really treated us well! Yesterday we had a photo and video shoot and I got to hold the Olympic torch. They had a make up artist there and unfortunately even the guys HAD to have their make up done...that was an experience in itself!
I was told about a few of the cool events that I'm going to get to do over the next couple months. I get to go to the World Under 17 Hockey Championships and I get to spend 6 days on the torch relay as you goes through all of North Eastern and Western Ontario and right to Winnipeg. It's sure to be and excited time and some experiences I'll never forget.
I'll get some pictures up from the photo shoot as soon as I get them!
Tonight Lea and I are going to the Northeastern Ontario RBC Gala at the Holiday Inn. I have to give a speech to about 300 RBC Employees which will make for an interesting evening.
Unfortunately this week I've been feeling a bit full cold or anything but just something lingering around so I've tried to rest this week and my training has been pretty limited but I'm sure my body needed the break.
This Thursday and Friday I'm in the Sault for a torch relay school presentation. They have a bunch of activities planned so it's sure to be a lot of fun.

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