Friday, September 25, 2009

Feels Good

Today was my first "real" swim since my shoulder injury. I did a full 1.5 hour swim practice with the team. Up until now the most I had done was about 45 minutes and all on my own. I didn't want to push it to hard to early so I'm glad I wait but it's good to be back.
Warm up was 1500m with a mix of swim, kick. Next we did
400Fr + 300Bk
400Fr + 200Br
400Fr + 100Fly
10x100Fr holding 1:07's
I have to put in a few hours at work now and then I'm going to a run before I coach tonight. The days are starting to get shorter and not as warm so I'm trying to get as much riding in outside while I still can. So tomorrow morning I'm going to do a bike workout in the morning then drop Lea off at work and head out to Skead and help Sig work on his pump house for his water.
I'm getting excited about going to Toronto all next week for my training for the RBC Olympian Program. I'm sure I'm going to get to do lots of exciting things and meet a bunch of past, present and future Olympians.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Career Change?

So Lea and I decided to plant some vegetables this summer and here's a few of them we took out of the garden yesterday. I don't think we did to bad for our first go at farming. Maybe next year I'll have to go into production....ok maybe not but I can't wait to eat our goodies!

Saturday, September 19, 2009


Things in London have been going good. Unfortunately we have to go home tomorrow but not before some training in the morning. I had a good swim yesterday at the London Canada Games Centre...I think I have a love hate relationship with that pool. I've raced in it many times. I don't think I can remember one time though where I actually had a good race but it's such a nice pool to swim in and enjoy training in it whenever I come here.
Lea's appointment went good on Friday. The doctor said that it is healing very nicely and she would be back to 100% within another month or two.
Yesterday I got my suit for the RBC Gala that's coming up. I look really sharp and am looking forward to the evening.
Spencer raced today in Lakeside. He had a really good race against some of the best kids in Ontario. He was 3rd out of the water, 2nd after the bike and finished around 5th.
Since I've been here I had a good swim yesterday morning and then a run in the afternoon. Today I got in a good 2 hour bike after we got back from the race. Tomorrow I'm going to do a bike with track workout off the bike which should be interesting. There a track at one of the high schools close by so I'll run to it after the bike and do my workout there.
This week will probably go by pretty fast and then it's off to Toronto for a week of training for the RBC Olympians Program.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Post Muskoka 70.3

So I never did write a race report for my race on the weekend...I think mostly because I went there with the intention and focus on qualifying for Worlds which I did but after talking it over ended up giving up my spot as it was just too much money right now.
The went pretty good though for the most part. The thing I'm most happy about is my shoulder! It held up even better than I could of hoped which means it was a successful recovery and as of right now I can barely feel it anymore. On the bike I went to take a drink around 10km's into the 94km's and my one and only bottle slipped out of my hand. I kept going for a second thinking I could get away without it and just get some water from the aid stations but then woke up and went back and got it. So that ended up costing me a couple of minutes for sure. The only other thing was my quads started cramping about 2km into the run which made for a long painful run. I think it's just because of the inconsistent training over the past month and a half with close to two weeks off from being sick at the end of July and then well over a week after I crashed.
I feel like I'm in a good spot though now being healthy and being almost fully recovered from my should injury so I will use that in my next block of training. I don't know what's next in terms of races this fall...there will probably be a couple 5km running races and I'll see how my swimming goes over the next couple of week as I'm thinking about entering into a 1500m in a swim meet at the end of October if I think I'm ready to challenge my PB.
Today Lea and I are leaving to go to London for the weekend. Lea has an appointment with the Dr. regarding her ankle. We are also bringing Spencer, one of the boys I coach so that he can race in a kids triathlon on Saturday just a couple minutes outside of London.
I think that's about all for now that's new, I will try and post something while I'm in London as to how things are going. I usually have some pretty good training there so I'm looking forward to it.

Friday, September 11, 2009

This is it!

It's finally here...we are leaving in a couple hours for my race on Sunday. I haven't been keep my blog very up to date as of late as I've just been so busy with everything. Here is a picture of me last night on the street in front of my house trying out my new wheels. Thank you Token! I'm really excited to race this weekend...I think my shoulder is going to hold up and I've set some goals for myself for the race. I post when I get home Sunday night with how I did and hopefully it will be some good news!