Sunday, July 12, 2009


I guess it's been awhile since my last post and there's been quite a few things happening over the past couple weeks.
We managed to get the garage taken down last Saturday and then the new shed built on Sunday. I didn't know if it was all going to get done in the two days but everyone worked really hard and we got it done! A big thank you to Sig and Jack for their help...without them there would of been no way. It's definitely changed the whole property now that the garage it gone. It's going to get some getting used to but it was for sure worth it.
This week we had the truck inside the New Sudbury Centre on display and 105.3 EZ Rock was broadcasting live. We had some prizes and it was a great day getting to meet everyone. A big thank you to Brenda at the NSC for all of her hard work and Erin and the whole crew at EZ Rock.
Right now I'm in London for Lea's surgery on her ankle that's on Tuesday. I had a great day of training today and it's funny because anytime I go somewhere knew it just seems to be so much more exciting. Every time I travel somewhere and go out biking its so much fun getting to see everything. This morning I got up early and was on my bike by 7am for 2.5 hour ride and about 100km's. My ride took me into some beautiful area's outside of London. After my ride I had some breakfast and Lea and I headed out to a local fruit and veggie farmer to get some fresh fruits and vegetables. After that we headed over to London's huge festival called Sun Fest. There must of been hundreds of vender's from all over there with music and tons of food. We found a couple neat little things that we picked up for a few people. This afternoon I went to the London Aquatic Centre for a swim. I had a good swim with a lane to myself until the last 5minutes when two old ladies decided that my lane was the lane for them except that all the other lanes only had one other person in them to...I just don't understand some people. A good steak dinner tonight and just some relaxing the rest of the night.

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