Saturday, July 18, 2009

What a week!

This week has seemed to just fly by. I had a couple great days of training in London and Lea's surgery went good and it's now just waiting for it to heal. I got some great riding while I was in London and 4-5 hours each day of training. I came home Wednesday by myself as I had to coach Wednesday night and then work Thursday and Friday. Thursday I went for a run and the last part of run brought me down the Kingsway and I don't know why just I could really tell all the pollution from the cars, trucks and buses. It hit me pretty hard and with all the talk these days about being Eco friendly and driving cars that don't produce all those fums I could really see why.
Yesterday was really busy with work, I got a good swim in and I pretty much had to time trial it home on the bike yesterday afternoon to get a pair of shorts to go running with a client. So after getting back I did my run and then it was off to coaching before finally heading home for the night. Last night was a lot of fun with Lea and her parents getting here. Sig also came over and we had a really nice supper and after supper the boys did some work on the new shed installing some of the electrical.
Today was the most exciting though...I went to work this morning and while driving down Lasalle I see this big line outside of Henry's but I keep going and go to my next event to do my cut in. So then I'm heading back up Lasalle and something tells me maybe I should stop and just see what was going on, I thought maybe it was a big sale. So I walk in and one of the employee's is standing there with all these envelopes and she tells me that inside each envelope is a gift certificate from $10-$500. There must of been at least a hundred envelopes that I had to pick from so I choose one and it says $500! I didn't know if I was looking at it right so I go back over to her and she's OMG you won the only $500 gift certificate that we are giving away. I couldn't believe it! Right away she goes to get the manager to help me and I got a Canon Rebel! It's a really nice camera and it's going to be great for getting some cool action shots.
So some local racing tomorrow and some more training. Some more work on the shed and then back to work on Monday.

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