Thursday, March 5, 2009

Training is the name of the game

This week has been a big week for training. Yesterday was a 2hour workout of all core and weights! Coach kicked my butt and I was pretty tired by the end. Later on in the day I had a 5km TT to do. Wasn't sure how it was going to go since I was doing it on the Loaches trail between LU and Loaches Road which is snow packed and it was dark out when I was doing it so with no lights it made it a little tricky. Each way is exactly 1km so I had to do 5 laps. I felt pretty comfortable and was happy overall with the run. I had an average 173bpm heart rate and each km was split almost exactly the same with only a 2-3 second difference. I finished with a 17:55 for the 5km. Not to bad for this time of year and in the middle of a hard training week.
Today was a 45minutes swim this morning. Some core work and then a 3km run-1hour bike-3km run. The first run is at 80% then hope on the bike for an hour with 2x15minutes at 80% and then the run off the bike is 70%.
Today Lea and I went to court as Lea was told to be there as a witness for the accident she was involved in during the summer. The girl who was charge had the charge dropped and was only charged $180 for causing Lea to be in the hospital and then 4 months of physio and $2000 damage to her car and $7000 damage to another car. I just can't understand how this court system of ours works. It's like lets let everyone who does something wrong off and then they can do it again. Lea or the driver of the other car didn't even get a chance to speak and the facts that this girls lawyer presented weren't even close to be correct. I guess I should be all that surprised at what I saw with the court case and how the guy who killed my dad basically got off with nothing....very frustrating!!

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