Saturday, March 21, 2009

An old and new pic

Here's a picture of a few weeks ago(I know it's a little late) of when I went to the winter carnival and we set up the aerial for the kids. The other picture is just me with some of the SaltStick stuff they sent me. Thanks guys! Yesterday I had a good run...after a good warm up it was 2km hard, 3km easy, 3km hard and then a cool down. Solid 15km in total and was holding 3:30 pace for the hard. Today is my day off and Lea and I are heading into town to do some stuff then over to Drew and Josee's house for supper. Tomorrow I have a hard bike in morning then heading into the pool for a main set of 4x450 @6:00 all at 1500 pace. Should be a good time!

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