Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Time seems to fly when you're busy!

Yesterday I had an awesome swim and hit some great times in practice. After a big warm up my main focus was on 3x400Free @5:00 Numbers 1 and 3 I had to be at 90% of 1500 pace and number 2 was just make pace time. Number 1 hit 4:35 and was feeling great. Number 2, I came in at 4:57 so just enough time to turn around and GO for the last one. I was even able to negative split it and came in at 4:34. I was really pumped afterwards and with come core and an easy run it was a good day.
Today was an hour of weights and then a total of 670 different sit ups. I've been doing a lot of core and strength training these last few weeks and I'm finding a big difference just in my posture when I run and my core strength in the water. So with some stretching it was a solid 2 hours in the gym. Tonight I have a workout on the bike to do with some high cadence and power. 90%-70%-90% all over 100rpm.
Last night Dr. Stauber did a presentation to a group of women about what he does and what exactly an Upper Cervical Doctor is. I was able to be there and got the chance to share some of my experiences receiving care from an Upper Cervical Doctor and what it's meant to me. I've added his website on the side with the other websites. Check out the testimonial page and it has a couple of pictures of me on there.
Tomorrow I have a meeting with Jody Narozanski the manager of Belanger Ford who is getting me my new wheels. I can't wait to see my new Hybrid Fusion!!
It looks like Kiwami Triathlon is going to be my race suit sponsor for this year. Olivier Mouyau over at Euro Multisports Distribution in Ottawa has set me up with their top suit, the Amphibian. It feels great and I can't wait for Olivier to get it printed with sponsor logos and everything. It's going to look sharp on the new car!
Lea has been busy with the planning of the wedding which is coming up fast. It will be only two months next week! It seems like the majority of the work takes place within those last two months though. She just read off a list of things to do over the next little while and it seemed like quite the list...it is going good though and we seem to be on track with everything.

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