Sunday, March 8, 2009

The man on the bike...

I've had a good week of training. Friday was a swim, weights and a bike. Saturday I did a big swim with 15x100FR as the main set with the first 5@ 1:15, second 5@ 1:20 and the last 5@ 1:15 again. Today was a good 14km run and I had the chance to meet some guy on his bike while running down the highway from Sudbury towards Lively. I could hear someone behind me so I looked back and he was just there! First thing he says to me is "you must be an athlete". Turns out he ended up riding right beside me for almost 20minutes chatting away. I learned that he had biked from Sudbury and was going out to Naughton to the reserve to buy smokes. I asked him why he just didn't get them in town and he said that it's a good was to kill time and they are much cheaper. It was also kind of sad when he told me all he has is his bike.
I had a very exciting meeting on Friday with EZ Rock and the New Sudbury Shopping Centre. Everything is a go now for the GREEN MACHINE. I'm going to be getting a Ford Hybrid Fusion from Belanger and EZ Rock and the New Sudbury Centre are going to be the other two big sponsors. I'm really excited about this opportunity to drive this car and has my picture on it. It's going to bring lots of awareness and I think many good things are going to come of it. The car is order but wont be ready to go for about another month and we are going to have the big unveiling at the New Sudbury Shopping Centre and I'll keep everyone posted with what date and time.
Today was our clubs swim a thon and it was great to see some of the kids in my level who are only 10-12 years old swimming almost 3km non-stop. They've come along way since the beginning of the year as most of them this is their first year swimming and were just learning the basics of the strokes at the beginning of the year. It was really great to see them just want to keep going and going.

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