Monday, March 16, 2009

Awesome weather

This weekend we had some great weather and it was so nice to spend the weekend outside. Unfortunately I couldn't take advantage of the weather with my training as I hurt toe pretty good and was kind of forced to take two full days off. It's feeling better now and that's what's important and in the end the two days off was probably good for me. I didn't just sit around though all weekend...I was still outside for much of it. One of our huge trees in our yard over the winter much of shifted to one side and caused one of it's big branches to lean on our fence which caused our fence door not to shut properly. So yesterday I got out the chainsaw and took down the branch that was leaning on the fence. To give you an idea of how big this tree is...the branch was so big around I could just barely rap my arms around the branch and have my hands touch. I cut it up into a few 12inch sections and then split them for fire wood. I did a few other things outside so I was definitely still active enough though I didn't do any training.
People have been asking us what we would want as a wedding present and we haven't been able to come up with much because we pretty much have everything we want already for our house. So we haven't done any kind of gift registry and the two things we've thought of we know people have already kind of taken care of. Then my sister Molly was over on Friday night and was telling us that my mom wasn't sure either what to get us. So Lea and I started thinking...the one thing we've talked about since we've moved in is our garage. It's been the one thing about the house that wasn't in very good shape. We can't store anything big in it because the garage door doesn't work so if it doesn't fit through the side door we can't put it in there. So we started thinking what it would cost to replace it but with something a little smaller. We don't want to use it for a car so we thought of maybe having double doors that open for bigger things. So this weekend we took some measurements and got kind of an idea of what we would want. So we went to a few different places to get some quotes. Rona was the most expensive, Home Depot was second and not that bad $2800 for everything but then the lumber store in Lively could get us everything we would want to build it, all the wood, shingles, siding, doors, window...everything for $1550 plus tax. That seems like such a good price for a 16x12 shed! It was pretty exciting.
This week will be a big base week with lots of hours and then next week I have a few Time Trials planed. Lots of fun:) Today I did a swim this morning, nothing crazy just 3000m. Later I have 30minutes of core, 6km run followed by another 3000m in the pool and then 75minute bike tonight on the trainer.

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