Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Canoe Raffle

I got some very exciting news yesterday from one of my sponsors. Robin White, the owner of BioPed here in Sudbury who gets me all my running shoes and orthotics put me in contact with the Walden Oldtimers Hockey League. They are having their annual hockey tournament this weekend at the Lively Arena which runs Friday, Saturday and Sunday and will be having a raffle for a new canoe and all the proceeds will be donated to me for this upcoming race season which is fast approaching! This is great news and I really appreciate them doing this for me. I'm going to have some promotional material there as well so if you are in the area and you have some time stop by the Lively area and pick yourself up some tickets to win a new canoe!!
Yesterday was a little bit of everything day...started out with some core work and straight into the pool for a 45minute swim. There was no real main set to the swim, just some odd stuff. Then it was a 10km run, nothing to hard just a steady pace. 40minutes for the 10km and I was feeling good. Later lastnight I did 45minutes on the bike...the first 30 were just easy spinning and then the last 10 where some 1minute intervals at 350watts.
Today I headed over to LU for my swim which turned out to be long course and after a 1000m warm up it was 1x400 @5:00 2x200 @2:30 4x100 @1:15 8x50 @:40 all at 1500 pace. After that it was some more core and tonight I have a big bike with 4x15minutes at 90% efforts.
Lea's parents will be here on Friday and both of us have the day off. Time to get the house nice and clean though before they get here:)

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