Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Recovery Day

Today was a great and much needed recovery day. After a hard two days, Monday and Tuesday coach gave me recovery day with an easy 45minute spin this morning when I woke up and a 40minute steady pace run followed by a 30minute easy swim. It felt great to just relax today and get ready for what's coming my way tomorrow.
Yesterday I had a huge swim the morning with the team. Those early mornings seem to be getting harder than they used to be when I was younger. It seems like you just went to sleep when your alarm goes off at 4:45am! Once I'm up I'm not bad it's just that first getting out of bed and convincing yourself that the alarm wont get shut off on its own. So after a 1500m warm up the main set was 8x400 @5:00 holding 4:50 They were 2xPull/Paddles 2xPaddles 2xPull 2xSwim It was a good 5500m logged.
I also had a big run was a 2km warm up and then 8km where ever 2km was an increase in pace until the last 2km were at race pace. With a couple km's cool down it was a good 12km.
Today is our long day of the week because after work I have to go and coach and then I have a couple hours off then I have to be at LU to work again from 8-10. I think tomorrow after work we are going to be having supper with Jesse and Sarah which should be fun. I'm looking forward to this weekend for some down time as last weekend was pretty busy.

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