Thursday, April 30, 2009

Only 16 days left...

As of today there is only 16 days left until the wedding. It's pretty scary how fast these last few weeks are going by and how much stuff there is to do! It's not that we aren't ready or there's things we haven't done it's that we have to recontact everyone and confirm everything with them and lots of last minute little details that couldn't be done until now. It's a little stressful but things are getting done and we are still having fun doing them so that's the main thing.
This weekend is the Sudbury Rocks Run but I don't think I'm entering in any of the distances but instead Josee is running the full marathon and I'm going to run the second half so 21.1km with her to keep her company and motivated!
Tuesday I went out again to the cycling clubs practice at DD Track and this time I actually knew what the workout was so I found it a lot better. There are some really strong riders in the top group and even a Pro cyclist who's raced on some big Pro teams over in Europe. When we were doing are hard riding the group was moving at over 50km/h around that track. Our practice was:
Warm up: 5min easy 5min mod. 5min hard 2min easy 2minutes All Out 2min easy 2min All Out 7min Easy
Main Set:
1:30 All Out - 1:30 Easy
1:15 All Out - 1:15 Easy
1:00 All Out -1:00 Easy
:45 All Out - :45 Easy
:30 All Out - :30 Easy
Then we did 10minutes recovery and then 20minutes at about 80% but guys really started pushing and were going over 80%. It hard workout and a solid 2 hours of riding.
All my other training has been going good also, I've been swimming everyday this week and have got in 2 hard runs as well.

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