Friday, April 10, 2009

RIP Fuzzy

So today was a very sad day at our house for all of about 3minutes when Fuzzy died in her cage. Not sure why she died...she was making nose like usual when we left the house this morning and then by the time we got home Fuzzy was gone. Other than that today was a great day...
We got up fairly early even though we both had the day off. After some breakfast we heading into the gym to do some weights. After that we played a little bit of basketball in the gym with Hayden and Tayte and then we did a core class. After that it was into the pool for a swim. It's one week today till the swim meet so I started working on some sprinting to get my speed up with some 25's and 50's all out.
This afternoon it was so nice outside that we spent most of it out in the yard doing some spring work. A little raking some leaves, washing down the deck and getting the patio furniture out. Then it was time for some nice pork chops on the BBQ.
Now I'm off to do a run while it's still nice out. Tomorrow it's off to North Bay so I hope everyone has a great Easter Weekend!

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