Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day

Yes I know it's been awhile since I've made a post...things have been a little busy as of late. Here's a couple of pictures from yesterday's bike. I was trying out my new

So early last week Lea calls me while she's at work and says there's this little dog in the bargan hunter and that maybe we could go take a look at it. So Wednesday night we drive out to Azila and meet this little old retired couple who has this little toy poodle but has to get rid of it because they want to be gone for a few months at a time travelling and can't bring her with them. Of course she is the cutest little thing ever and weights all of about 7lbs at the most. We played with her for a little bit with them and then we went outside to "talk" about it. So that lasted all of about 2 mintutes at the most and we decided that we were going to take her. We told them though that we were going away for the weekend though and could we pick her up when we got home early this week and that was perfectly fine with them and they wouldn't give her to someone else. That didn't last all that long though as that night we decided that we wanted to pick her up before we left and that we would bring her with us. It tured out to be a good decision though as she was so good in the car and the easiest dog to travel with. She listens very good, as soon as you say her name she comes to you and sits. She has completely taken to us already and we can barely leave the house without her and she always wants us to hold her and play with her.

Like I said this past weekend we travelled down to Brantford for a swim meet. I didn't swim quite like I want to but I still won the 1500Fr and in the end I think I was just having a bit of an off weekend as I'm already back to swimming fast in the pool.

This week has already started off with lots of training...Monday was probably the easiest day with a 8km run and then hoped on the bike right away for an hour ride. Tuesday was an hour and a half in the gym doing weights, core and little bit of plyo work. Then it was off to the pool for a 3500m swim LC with a main set of 15x100Fr @1:20 holding 1:12 After that it was an easy 45minute spin on the trainer after supper. Today started off with a big swim, 5000m total and 10x300FR @4:00 holding under 3:30 for all of them. After that was 40 minutes on the bike with the last 15minutes at race effort and then a 10km tempo run off the bike. I finished off with a little bit of core and then called it a day.

Today was 22 days until the's coming so fast and there seems like there's so much to do! It's going to be a busy last 3 weeks that's for sure and I'm looking forward for the day to come and then relax afterwards.

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