Sunday, April 5, 2009

First Ride of the Year Outside

This weekend was kind of an interesting one...Saturday Lea and I went to the Sudbury Arena to check out the Aboriginal Festival. We checked out all the arts and crafts and watched the Grand Entry. After that it was over to LU to get in a swim. There was a swim meet going on this weekend at the pool so the only time I could swim was if I sneaked in during warm ups. It was different trying to swim a practice with like 50 other people in your lane...good thing it was long course! I did 15x100 D1-5 starting at 1:12 down to 1:04 on 1:30. It felt good as it was only my 3rd time swimming long course this season. My swim meet in two weeks the finals will be all long course so it was good to get that in.
Last night I had planned on doing a bike with a run off the bike so around 6:30 I got on the bike and not even 5minutes into my warm up my pager went off. So I jumped off the bike and headed over to the station. It turned out to be that we had to pull out an elderly man who had somehow drowned in the water in his basement. After we got him out several of the guys who have been at the station for a long time recognized him that he was a fire fighter at our station for 31 years and had retired in 1997. It was kind of sad that there was that connection and we gave him a moment of silence.
By the time I got home it was almost 9:00pm and too late to start a bike-run so I waited till this morning and when I got up I got in my hour bike and 12km run off the bike. After that it was into the pool to work for a couple of hours at the swim meet. On the way home I saw a couple of people out riding their bikes so I said enough was enough that I'm going out. So I when I got home I got all my stuff ready and headed out for my first bike ride of the year outside. It felt so good not to be on the trainer in the basement watching TV like all winter and to be out on the road. It wasn't too cold and I felt really strong! I just went for a short 45minutes but seeing how today was supposed to be a day off that turned into almost 2hours of biking and a 12km run off the bike I figured I wouldn't push it. Don't know how happy coach will be....
My cousin who I haven't seen in probably 10-12 years is supposed to be getting into town tonight for a couple of days for work and we are planning on getting together with him. It's crazy how I used to see him every time I would go to Ottawa and then he moved to Calgary and I haven't seen him since...
This weekend is Easter Weekend...Lea and I have the Friday off and hopefully we can get to see some friends and family over the weekend.

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