Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Maybe a bit of bad luck?

I'm starting to wonder if going out for a bike ride on Sunday was a bit of bad luck with all this nasty weather we are getting this week. I woke up this morning to more snow on the ground and during my run found it very slippery with the ice under the fresh layer of snow we got. This morning was a 7km run when I got up. Then it was over to the pool for an hour swim and some core afterwards. Tonight I have an hour bike with a 4km hard run off the bike. Monday during my swim I did a 800m hard and went 9:18. Wasn't too bad for the middle of practice and pretty tired from two bikes and a run the day before and 10km run right before my swim.
Last night we got to have supper with my cousin who lives out in Edmonton and was in town for work. I haven't seen him since I 10years old so there was lots of things to get caught up on! It was great to see him again and to be able to have a really nice supper together at our place.
This weekend looks like it's going to be a busy one with it being Easter and trying to get to see everyone. Right now Friday both of us are off of work and haven't decided yet what we're doing on Friday. Saturday we are going to North Bay to pick up Lea's cousin who is going to school there and spend the day with her. Then it's over to my aunt and uncles house in North Bay for supper and spend the night. Sunday I think we are bringing Lea's cousin back with us to Sudbury. Sunday when we get back into Sudbury I think I'm meeting up with Drew, Josee and maybe Jack for a long 20mile run. Sunday night I think we are all going over to my mom's for Easter supper. My cousin is supposed to still be in town so I think he'll come over also and Lea's cousin. Then next Wednesday is my LITTLE sister's 20th birthday! I can't believe she's already going to be 20...
Yesterday I was put in contact with the president of the Sudbury Boxing Club and had a very interesting conversation with him. I found out that they are also a national training centre which is kind of cool to have that here in Sudbury! He said he would really like to work with me and have be able to hold fundraising events, have me go and give talks to his boxers and even offered me to use their gym as a place to train if I ever need it. I'm really looking forward to to this interesting opportunity and it definitely sounds like there could be a great relationship built there for years to come.

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