Monday, May 4, 2009

Congrates Josee!

I really need to dedicate this entry to Josee for her marathon run yesterday! She ran an incredible race and even negative split it by about 1 minute. Josee has been working so hard the past few months and it really paid off with a great 42.2km's yesterday. I tagged along for the second half to run with Josee and Drew. It was really inspirational to be there and to have been a small part of it. It seemed like at almost every corner there was somebody cheering for Josee and Lea was out on the course with Cricket and got a few pictures.
My weekend was more relaxing with Saturday being a day off and only running the half marathon on Sunday. Today I had a good day though with tough swim this morning with 4x800FR @10:00 as the main set. After that it out for 1.5 hour bike with some hill repeats. This week is going to be a big week for me for training as next week with everything going on with the wedding I'm sure I'll be busy so it will be a good time to get in a recovery week.

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