Thursday, February 5, 2009

Swim Meet Time

This week has been a rather interesting week. It started off on Monday with a 1.5 hour hard swim in the morning with the team. Then in the afternoon I did a 3hour work out at LU with my coach and another girl he is trainer who is one of the top ranked sprinters in Canada. There was a lot of core and weights done with some speed work on the track that almost killed me. Well it killed my hamstrings anyways because I've been suffering since then. Tuesday, Wednesday and today have been more of recovery and taper days as I get ready for my swim meet that starts tomorrow in the Sault.
Tuesday I had a meeting with Robin at PioPed and he is ordering me my new shoes that will be in next week with new orthotics.
I also had a meeting with Natalie on Tuesday to get my blood work that I had done today. It was just so much fun...the nurse seemed to think it was quite funny that I was afraid of needles and that I wanted the butterfly so it wouldn't hurt as much. I got to see Natalie's new office downtown which is going to be really nice once she is all unpacked and she is even going to have a stop on one of the walls just for me and whatever I want to put up.
Yesterday I got some more good news as someone has offered to pay for another 3months of training with my coach. So now that makes 6months already paid for. A BIG thank you to Helen Bobiwash who is also a local triathlete here in Sudbury. A Big thank you also to Dr. Stauber for the first 3months.
Next week on Tuesday I have a meeting with another possible sponsor that may be willing to help me out financially this year with all the travelling and what not.
So this weekend it's off to the Sault for my swim meet. Tomorrow night I'm swimming the 1500m Fr and then there will be 5 other races throughout the weekend. Next weekend it looks like I'm going to be going to Ottawa with Drew so that Josee and the kids can stay home and I can keep Drew company. Drew is racing in a World Cup cross country ski race where he has to ski 50km's on Saturday and then if that wasn't long enough Sunday he has to ski another 50km's. Crazy guy!
Well that's all for now, hope this weekend goes good and I'll try and report on my races throughout the weekend.

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