Saturday, February 7, 2009

Another Good Day

Today I had the 200Fly and 400Free. This morning in prelims I felt alright, a little tight. This afternoon I just relaxed in the hotel room and had a little nap to get ready for finals. The 200Fly was first and I knew it was going to the race that was closest as there's a couple guys who really wanted to beat me! I was really focused going into the race and I went in with the same game plan as I did in Guelph back in December. I had another good 200Fly with the same time as Guelph, 2:14. The 400Fr I knew there was a pretty big gap between me and the next guy and a 4:17 was alright. So far 3 races down and 3 first places. Tomorrow is more of some sprinting races with the 200Fr and 100Fly. I've never been able to sprint to save my life and there's a couple fast guys so we'll see how it goes. Give me a 1500m any day over a 50 or 100m!

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