Sunday, February 1, 2009

Busy week done and another coming

So the biggest news of the week is that I am now working with a coach! I was working with one last year for a couple months around this time but he lived in Ottawa and it was the whole long distance e-mail thing and it just didn't work for me. I'm really pumped though now because he lives in Sudbury and it will be great working one on one with someone who really knows what their doing. He's worked with some really big name athletes and even some Olympians. We started this week and I'm already dead. The other big thing also was that I found someone has paid for my first 3months worth of training with my new coach. I was so happy when I found that out because it was really the only thing holding me back. I'm going to be trying to see if I can find other companies or people who will maybe pay for a month or two once I'm done these first three.
Thursday I did a whole bunch of strength training test that just killed me. After that it was an easy run on treadmill and an easy swim.
Friday morning was a 1.5 hour swim with the team and then a hard bike later on in the day. 10min warm up, 15min. at 90%, 15min. at 70%, 15min. at 90%, 15min at 95% and a 5min. cool down!
Saturday was some circuit training and then a hard swim with 4x250mFr as the main set. 2:50, 2:48, 2:48, 2:46.
Today was just an active recovery day with an easy 40min. run outside except that even though it was warm out the wind was almost pushing me backwards.
This coming weekend I'll be in the Sault racing. Hopefully I wont be too tired and I'll be able to put up some good times. Today we are having my sister Molly and Sig over for supper for Sig's birthday and I'm sure the Super Bowl will be on.
Last night Lea and I went to the ORN thank you party and they had some draw prices. I got some movie passes and a $50 gift card to a sea food restaurant in town. Then at the end of the night it was time for the big draw for some really nice patio/lawn chairs that were worth $400 and Lea's name got pulled!!! We couldn't believe it! It was pretty cool.

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