Monday, February 16, 2009

Great Weekend

Back now from Ottawa where Drew and I had a great weekend! I wasn't feeling to good all weekend but being able to just relax and let my body recover was much needed. Here are a couple of pictures I took while at the races this weekend. The one where Drew is standing straight up is before the start of the Classic race on Saturday. The other of Drew is him finishing on Sunday the skate ski. He did awesome in both races! Just the fact that he raced 53km's each day is impressive. The third picture is the winning guys on the podium from the skate ski on Sunday. The winning time for 53km was 2:06! The guy who won is from Germany and right now is ranked 4th in the was pretty cool watching him ski so I figured I might as well get a picture of time to.
Saturday we got to go and visit my grandma who I haven't seen is a long time. She is doing really good for turning 86 pretty soon. She showed us all around her apartment building which is only about 5months old and it is just beautiful! They have everything there, pool, hot tub, workout room, movie theater, games room, huge dining hall...just everything!
We had a really good trip to Ottawa overall but it was also good to get home last night and Lea and Josee had a awesome supper waiting for us when we walked in.
For valentines day for Lea I decided that I was going to completely redo her closet for her. I took out all the old wood and rods and painted the walls and then totally replaced all the wood with new pine. I think it looks really good and she seems to like it.
Today was a 1000m time trial in the pool. Even though I'm feeling better my body is still feeling the effects of being sick but I was still able to fight through it and post an alright time of 11:15 I also have some core work to do today and a easy spin on the bike with a run off of it.

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