Friday, February 13, 2009

In Ottawa

It was a good drive this afternoon to Ottawa with Drew, it was uneventful which can be a good thing. I've been feeling a little sick the past few days and as soon as I got here I had a nap. Drew went over to the race site tonight while I had my nap to check in and said that course is almost dangerous fast. Should be interesting to watch as I've never been to a ski race with top skiers from around the World. The hotel we are staying at has set aside one of their conference rooms for all the skiers for waxing for the weekend so that's where Drew has been for the past hour. I don't think I would have the patience to put on coat after coat of wax on my ski's...Drew said he's spent like 10 hours in the past two weeks waxing his ski's getting them ready for this race! Crazy!!
Tomorrow we will be up early as his 53km race starts at 9am. In the afternoon I'm going to go and visit my grandma who lives here in Ottawa. It's been awhile since I've seen her and when I called her earlier this week she was so excited that I was coming! Sunday Drew is back at it with another 53km's. Tomorrow's is a classic ski and Sunday is the skate ski. It will be different this weekend because I'm so used to being the one racing and other people watching me and now I'm going to be the one cheering and doing whatever I can to help Drew's races go smooth. I think it will be fun.
Happy Valentines Day tomorrow to everyone and especially to my fiancee Lea who is back home in Sudbury. Love you

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