Monday, August 4, 2008

Terry Fox Van and a Good Long Weekend

Last Thursday we went down to Bell Park for a few minutes to see the Terry Fox Van that Ford had completely re-done. It was really cool to see and there were some awesome pictures of him inside as well and the shoes he used to do his in. We made a little donation and got a bite to eat and we were on our way.
Friday I had a good day of training. The focus was on the swim with and a bike before and a run afterwards. The swim was a 1000m warm up and the main set was 20x100Fr @1:15 holding 1:10 and then a cool down. For my bike I went from work up to Delki and did some intervals on the track. After about 30km on the track it was time to head back to work for a bit so in total it was about a 40km ride. My run I hooked up with Jack and we ran along Ramsey that lasted about 45minutes. In all it was a good day of training for about 3hours total.
This weekend I was on call for the Fire Department starting Friday night at 6pm and goes until today at 6pm. So I wasn't able to leave Lively all weekend so it made it tricky for training but I got paid $400 just for staying here. Saturday was kind of a rest day for me. All I did for training was a run up to Meat Bird lake with a short 1200m swim and then run back home. It made for a nice easy 45minutes in total. Sunday I got in a bit more training. In the am I did a bike workout where biked over to the Fire Department and then from there I would go 2km in one direction and then 2km in the other. So a loop worked out to 8km. I had to be creative because I had my pager with me and if it went off I would never be more than 2km from the hall and I could sprint over and be there in about 3minutes. So I did a few loops, a couple of them at race pace and then biked home. When I got home I went out with Lea for her 40minute run. So that was nice to get all the lactic acid out of the legs. In the afternoon I did the same thing as Saturday where I ran up to Meat Bird but I did a bit longer of a swim, 2000m and then run back. This time though I did my run there and back hard at about 3:30/km pace. Today is even a bigger day of training. After breakfast this morning I went out for a run and Lea paced me on her bike. I did 60minutes averaging 3:45/km pace. It was hot out also because we slept in and I was running right around noon so I was feeling it on the way back. In a little bit once I'm done being on call I'm biking in to LU for the open swim from 7-9 to get a good swim workout in.
We did a bit more work around the house this weekend. Cut the groes like crazy! We put up a couple pictures and a big mirror, stained the front porch and I worked on my personal project....over top of my work bench down stairs I put up a sheet of plywood and I hung all my medals, trophies, ribbins, race numbers and all that sort of stuff from all my years of swimming and now triathlon. I think it looks really cool and it's something I've always wanted to do once I owned my own house and I did it!

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