Friday, August 8, 2008

Short but Long Week

Isn't it funny how whenever we get a short week because of a holiday that the week feels even longer....I don't know why but the weekend just never seemed to get here this week. My training was good this week. I got a swim in everyday so I was really happy about that. Two big runs, one on Monday and the other on Wednesday with one of the other trainers that I work with. We dropped off his sister's car in Garson and then ran back to the Y. I got a flat on my rear wheel on Tuesday but it was a slow sleek because I didn't notice it while I was riding. It turned out to be a staple that I must of run over and was stuck in my tire. So on Wednesday I spent the morning stretching a new tire and glueing that on. Thursday was a 90minute easy spin except that the easy part was missing. It was raining pretty hard for most of the ride and just couldn't get into any kind of grove. This weekend Lea and I are of to New Liskeard for a race. After the race we are going to cross over into Quebec and make out way to my cottage from there to spend the rest of the weekend. Hopefully the rain holds off for the race and we can have a nice relaxing weekend at the cottage.
It looks like I'm going to be getting my first ever road bike from Devinci thanx to some sponsorship from them. It looks like a sweet set up and I can't wait for it to come in. It's a full carbon frame with the new SRAM components.
Good luck to Billy and Peter who are doing the Kids of Steel Race in Barrie this weekend along with Lise and Ken who are doing the tri. I'll try and get some good pics of the race this weekend...more so of Lea since it's a rare occasion that I can actually get some pics of her racing. Good luck to all the Canadian's over in China, kick some US butt!

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