Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Not a good start to the week

So today I'm at work teaching a Bronze Med class when someone tells me I have a phone call and it's an emergency...Lea was in a car accident after she left work today and had to be taken to the hospital by ambulance. Someone talking on their cell phone wasn't paying attention ran into the back of her while she was stopped waiting for the person in front of her to turn. She's going to be alright, I think just really sore and shook up. There's no serious injuries luckily.
So this weekend we went to New Liskeard for a little triathlon with Drew and his family as well. It was raining when we left Sudbury but stopped on the way so we thought we would be alright until literally 5minutes from the race site it just started to poor!! It never let up after that and we raced in the poring rain. It made for an interesting bike as there were some technical parts to the course. I was pretty cold to start the race, no wet suit. My arms felt heavy but I still came out of the water with a good lead. I was frozen on the bike though and never really warmed up and my legs felt really tight. I the run was going to be the same way but as I left transition I felt amazing and I just kept going. I know I said that I ran good in Timmins a month ago and I haven't raced since then but but my run didn't even compare to that. It was one of those runs where you wished you had someone on your heals to push you even more because you knew you had so much more in the tank and I just could of kept going at the finish. It was an awesome feeling and I'm looking forward to upcoming races. Drew was 3rd in the same race. Lea raced also and was the top female in her race. She has been training hard the past month and I'm very proud of how she did especially in the crappy conditions.
After the race it was off to the cottage for some relaxing. It was great to see Bonnie and Mark, never get to see them enough. The weather continued all weekend though which sucked. I got to try out there new turbo engine sea doo. I went out on Saturday with Bonnie on it and I wasn't even at 3/4 throttle and we were doing 67mile/hour. Sunday morning I went out before breakfast for a 75minute easy run while Lea got some more sleep. We played lots of games, don't think I won any and then between thunderstorms Lea and I got out for some water skiing. Lea did awesome, up on her second try and I think the picture of me is cool as I'm finishing coming into the dock I sprayed the guys standing on the dock. oopps
So I have just over a month now before my 70.3 half Ironman so I said to myself enough is enough and it's time to really start training. I pulled out swim workouts I had written down from 2003 training camp in Florida and can't believe how hard I used to swim. So yesterday and today I did two of them and today at the end of the main set I threw up a little bit in my mouth. I definitely wasn't ready to hit it that hard right away but that's ok and I'll get through them. Yesterday I did a 60minute spin on the bike and today was a hard bike with 2x30minutes at race pace effort with 10minute recovery between.
Well I'm off to watch some of the swimming on TV and then it will be off to bed again for a good nights sleep.

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