Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Beaton Classic

So Sunday was the Beaton Classic that was held again this year at Moonlight Beach. I had to take desperate measures to find someone to canoe for me so I asked my sister...she said she would do it but has never been in a canoe by herself before so two days before the race off we went out to the lake where I used to live in Skead to practice. We were using my old neighbours canoe from when I used to live out there and first it was picking which one she wanted to use since he has three of them. Once she was out on the water though it didn't take long and she was getting the hang of it! So Sunday morning it was really nice out, not to hot but there was a big of a wind just to make things interesting. Last year the bike was up through the conservation area so you had to use a mountain bike so everyone assumed it was the same this year so I show up with a mountain bike and they tell us of ya, changed the bike route and it's now on the road. So Lea rushed home to get my road bike and just made it back in time for the start. My swim was good, bike was alright except that the road we were using is very rough so dogging and slowing down to avoid and big bumps or holes in the road so it was hard to get a good steady speed going. Then it was the canoe and Molly did awesome, she stayed right on coarse the whole way and kept our lead. We had at least a 5minute lead and I only had to do a 5km run and I felt good again on the run so it would of been nice to have someone to push me. It's definitely not a flat run and some good sharp hills and I ran a 18:20 so it wasn't to bad. It was a fun race and I'm glad I could do it with my sister. Thank you to Sig for helping out and letting us use your canoe! Not to much else is new, I did a quick trip up to the cottage after the race to take some measurements of the roof as we will be redoing it in a few weeks after my race in Muskoka. This week is going to be another big week of training getting ready for the half ironman. Lea got some nice pictures from Sunday of my siter and I so I'll try and get those up soon.


Anonymous said...

Buddy; When and where will you be racing in Muskoka ?

Gord and Shirley Adams

Buddy Green said...

Sunday September 14 at Deerhurst Resort at 8am.