Thursday, July 31, 2008

Time Trial and Training

So yesterday was my first ever time trial on the bike. It was a 20km TT out on Valley View Road. I wasn't sure how I was going to do and how my legs would feel after four days off after my crash but I went out anyways with a positive attitude and just wanted to do my best under the circumstances. Right before we started it looked like we were going to get a good down pour but it held off for the whole TT. It was a learning experience for me how it worked, we all started 1minute apart and they placed everyone from slowest to fastest. There was about 15 riders there and they placed me second last to go with only Mike Hay behind me. I got off to a good start and felt like I had some power in the legs in the first few km's. I could see I was making up some time on the rider in front of me. I caught him just after the turn around at around 11km. Drew was next rider in front of me after that but he had a 2minute lead and I couldn't see him until almost the end so I ended up riding the second half of the race pretty much by myself with no one in front to chase. My right calf, the leg I feel on cramped up with only about 1km to go so I had to kind of stretch that out while I kept going. My time ended up being 30:08 which works out to averaging 40km/h so that wasn't too bad with the turn around and one good hill with a couple other rollers. Ryan beat me though by 10 seconds. I really would of liked to have had someone pushing me or people in front of me that I could chase down. I guess I can't complain too much after taking 4 days off with no training at all. It was a good learning experience and I'm looking forward to the next one. Jack come out with Lea and I and also had a really good TT. Afterwards we went out with Jack and Hayden to East Sides for supper.
Today my legs felt fine after yesterday which was good so this am I went out for my first real run since my rash. I did 60minutes at just kind of a steady pace. I felt "ok". I definitely felt slower than usual. I still have a bit of swelling on my leg so hopefully that will be gone soon and I'll be back running like I was. This afternoon I'm biking into town to do a swim at the beach with Lea when she's done work. After that we're going to Bell Park because today Terry Fox's brother is there doing a fundraising BBQ with the original van that he spent 6years tracking down that they used when Terry was running across Canada. He had it all fixed up and back in running condition and turned the inside into kind of a museum about Terry Fox and is going across Canada again raising money for cancer. It's really amazing how much money has been raised over the years for cancer because of what this one man started.
Anyways this weekend will be pretty low key for Lea and I, it's my weekend to be on call for the fire department so I have to stay in Lively. I'm sure most people from Sudbury have heard about the accident that happened here in Lively the other night were the 17year old girl was killed. I was at that accident and it's really sad that people don't learn that drinking and driving kills. It's too bad you can't bring all the people who choose to drink and drive to an accident like that to show them what happens all to often and what her body looked like in her upside down car.
Well tonight it should be interesting to see the Terry Fox van and maybe get some cool pictures. Well I better get some stuff done now around the house on my day off before Lea comes home tonight and I'm in be trouble...

"Thank you to the people who said I couldn't, you have been what has defined me, never give up, and never back down".

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