Saturday, August 16, 2008

A couple BIG thank yous

So there's a few people that have been great lately and I owe a big thank you to. First there's Robin a BioPed here in Sudbury who I went I to see on Thursday for some orthotics for my feet. He said he wants to help me out and I'm getting an awesome pair of orthotics that were molded to my feet and a new pair of running shoes. I'm so lucky that Robin is doing this for me because that would of been hundreds of $$$. THANK YOU Robin and BioPed!! I'll let you know how they feel when I pick them up this week.
My second thank you goes to Adrian at Pinnacle Sports and Devinci for my new road bike that should be in on Monday that I can't wait to get. It looks like a sweet ride and thank you to Adrian and Devinci for knocking some big bucks off of that for me.
My third thank you goes out to someone really far away in the town of Nacogdoches, Texas. Bruce Partain who is the President/CEO of the Nacogdoches County Chamber of Commerce sent me a message a few weeks ago about one of my blogs when I said I helped out at the Blueberry festival here in Sudbury that my sister Molly was running. It turns out that he is in charge of the Blueberry festival down there and just came across my blog through some Google search of Blueberry festivals or something like that. He asked if he could send me some T-Shirts that I got in the mail this week, one for me and one for my sister. They are awesome and I wore mine of Thursday. I'm a huge Texas Long Horns fan so pretty much anything from Texas is cool. But the shirts look awesome and it was really nice of Bruce to do that. Thank you!
Training has been going good this week. I've been putting in some good hours all around. Those swim workouts that I've been doing are killing me though. On Wednesday I did a hard treadmill workout of with some intervals, my last one was 45seconds at 14.3 Yesterday I a 2.5 hour ride with Drew, 1 hour swim and 1 hour run. I pretty much died on the run, I think I was just over tired and was feeling exhausted. I'm on call this weekend again for the Fire Department so today will just be spent relaxing and doing some work around the house and as a recovery day. Lea is gone all weekend to a resort near Huntsville with her parents. I'll have to get everything done around the house that she doesn't want me doing before she gets back. Anyways today will probably just be a recovery run and then tomorrow I have a bike ride in the AM and then a hard swim later in the day once I'm done being on call.
Again thank you to all those people who I mentioned above, I really appreciate all that you've done!

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Nacogdoches said...

So, Buddy, any photos of you and your sister in those cool Texas shirts? :-)
-- Bruce Partain in Nacogdoches