Wednesday, August 20, 2008

What a race!!

What an amazing race that was the other night watching Simon playing with the other guys on the run and wait for the right time. It was an incredible performance and it's good to see that out of a fellow Canadian.
I've been training hard the past few days all around 4hours each day. Yesterday I picked up my new Devinci bike and did my first ride on it this morning. I went out with Drew and we went out to Skead, overall it was a good 2.5 hours and I was pretty spent by the end. On my way back after I left Drew I was coming down Bancroft and I had my head down for a second and all I hear is this loud BANG! I look up and there's this guy going flying over his handle bars of his motorcycle after running into the back of a car. The bike landed on top of him so I right away stopped and called 911 while I lifted the bike off of him. He should be alright with only a couple broken bones hopefully. It was a good ride though other than that and I love my new bike. I'm still getting used to different handling of a road bike vs a tri bike but the SRAM components were really nice. Later is a hard swim in the pool and it will be another solid 4hour day.
This weekend is the Beaton Classic here in Sudbury and I'm still looking for someone to do the paddle part otherwise I'm going to end up having to do it and I'd prefer not to just in case I was to pull anything in my upper body. My swimming is just going so good right now I'd hate to have to take a few days off because of a pulled muscle or anything. Anyways not to much else new, just trying to get lots of training in around work and still enjoy a little bit of this nice weather we are finally getting.

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