Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Big Move

So this weekend was our big move into our new house! I'm happy to say that everything went fairly smoothly. We had lots of help and a huge thank you to Lea's parents who came up from London that worked non stop all weekend. Also a big thank you to Sig, Molly, Marcus, Drew and Jose. Drew came out even though I told him not to because he was leaving the next day for Ironman Lake Placid. He'd down there now getting ready and I'll probably be glued to the computer on Sunday when he races. Good luck Drew!!
So the move went really good, we ended up doing three trips with the U-Haul and that got pretty much everything out of the apartment. We've been busy doing all kinds of little things already to the house. I've raked and cut the lawn, cut down a tree that was dead and put in some solar lights around the deck. Each night we've had a really nice BBQ and then a fire with the wood from the tree. The new appliances from Sears look great and we've already started to prime the walls down stairs to paint. Other than that everything else has just been little changes like changing some light bulbs, wall plugs, air vents...things like that. So far everything is good and once we get everything put away and the finish painting down stairs we are planning on having a bunch of friends over for a big BBQ and show everyone what we've done.
Training this weekend though was another story....Saturday I did absolutely no training. I was going to go out for a little run but I was just too tried from moving for two days so Saturday was a day off. Sunday I got out for a 1.5hour ride in the AM and then 40minute run with a stop at the lake where I jumped in and just did a quick little swim. This week I'm back at the training full speed ahead. Tomorrow I have an appointment for some orthotics. The doc said I pronate when I walk/run and that may be the cause of my pain in my foot although it has been much better and almost non existent lately. Sunday Lea and I will be doing the Island Swim here in Sudbury. Always a fun event that I've done so many times now I've lost count. I'll blog later in the week with how the training is going and I'm sure there will be many new things happening with the house that I'll be able to report on and maybe I'll get some pics to that I can post.

"Thank you to the people who said I couldn't, you have been what has defined me, never give up, and never back down."

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