Monday, July 28, 2008

Good party but now back to buisness

Like to thank everyone who made it yesterday and for everything they brought. Lea and I appreciated everything very much and it was just nice to spend some time and see everyone. The food was great and I definitely ate way to much especially with not doing any training because of my leg. I think I enjoyed my days off a little too much and pack on a few pounds from all that good food. That beer chicken on the BBQ that Lea and I had on Saturday was one of my favorites I think.
So Dr. Therriault convinced me to go into the hospital yesterday morning to have her check out my leg and make sure there was no dirt left in it. Just in case anyone doesn't know how much I hate hospital, well it's probably the last place I would ever want to be. Like I pass out from needles pretty much. So agreed to go in and let her LOOK at it. So it was alright, she only picked at my scabs a little bit and said everything looked alright from what she could see so I guess I must of cleaned it pretty good.
Today is my first day back at it. My leg is still a bit sore and bruised so I only did about a 75minute bike this morning and I'm going to try out the pool later after work. I think running will still be another couple of days so it will be a lot of biking and swimming as much as I can for now.

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