Thursday, July 10, 2008

This week has been going really good as far as training goes. I've been getting in some solid hours which is good because tomorrow we are moving so I'm pretty sure my weekend will be pretty busy but I'm going to try and get up early and get my workouts in before we start for the day.
Monday was just kind of a day off after the race on Sunday with only a 40minute spin on the bike. Tuesday though I got in a good 4.5 hours of training that I was really happy with eventhough I difinetely didn't bring enough food for the day to go along with that much training so I was feeling pretty weak after I was done. I did a 2hour ride in the AM, then a 1.5hour swim at lunch, then a brick workout later in the afternoon where I went 20minute run-20minute bike-20minute run. Wednesday I did a 15km run from home down the highway then an hour swim in the pool once I got to work. Today was I did a 65km bike with some tempo work and hopefully later today after we go to the laywer to sign all the papers for the house I'll do a swim in the lake. I've been feeling good and strong all week since my race. My foot has been much better, I only feel it every once and awhile so hopefully that means that it's healing.
Tomorrow Lea's parents are getting here from London for the weekend to help with the move and I know a few other friends will be helping out which is really nice because there just seems to be so much stuff! Anyways I better get back to work, actually more like start working but we wont tell anyone that and we are supper excited about moving into the house tomorrow so I'll let everyone know how that goes once we get our stuff in and things get settled a bit.

"Thank you to the people who said I couldn't, you have been what has defined me, never give up, and never back down".

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